By Lubaba Mukhtar (ex-first year)

No, no, no!! I’m really not dumb enough to try and give a lesson on the English alphabet on a blog: that would be way too main-stream! (Although I think many of us could use a little help with the revision of “alif, bay…”)
So if it’s not the English alphabet that I’m trying to indicate here, what is it?
Many of you will already have understood what I’m referring to and for those who spent their early teens watching “kyunke saas bhi kabhi bahoo thi and kahani ghar ghar ki, etc,” I’m referring to the famous, beloved, and absolutely enchanting story of three random yet extraordinary army chaps. I’m talking about:


It’s almost a phenomena now so it wouldn’t be wrong to use “the” before it, right?

Anyways, with or without “the”; “Alpha, Bravo, Charlie” is the best and easiest way to make anyone fall in love with our army. The story line has humorous, patriotic, romantic (yes, yes, it does have the romantic element, you won’t be disappointed), and melancholic tinge to it.
It makes you laugh out loud (sorry, the humor isn’t strong enough for “ROFL”); it makes even a dead hearted person feel the pain of those people; it makes even a brain dead person think not once but many times: “why didn’t I see this before?”

As far as I know; most of you out there will have seen it already; this blog is just a way to wake up those who are still deprived of the sweet, sour, spicy, salty and bitter taste of this epic drama serial.
Some of you will fall in love with Faraz for his looks, his charms, his big pocket and success. (He is your prince charming, girls! The one you all want to end up with).
Even more of you will fall in love with Kashif for his humor, his sloppiness, his rebellious nature and quick wit.
And all of you will fall in love with Gulsher because I think it’s impossible not to adore him.

                   I’m not telling who’s who? Watch the drama!!

Now, for the guys; please don’t take an oath of not watching this drama yet…there is definitely a “girl” in the story; and not just any girl; she is the girl of many a man’s dreams: beautiful, chic, confident, down-to-earth and… (Please add other words of praise yourself because she’s simply awesome)!!

I think I may have stressed too much on “the falling in love part”.
There are so many other aspects to this serial. It teaches you humility and patience. It urges and convinces you to either leave everything there and then to enroll yourselves in the army or to at least give some army man a huge thank you present.

It will give you tachycardia, sweats and nervous tremors at one point and sudden unexpected activated tear glands at another.

It will make you love your country more; it will make you acknowledge the sacrifices of those countless men who died; who fought; who suffered so that we could sleep peacefully tucked away in our warm beds. You owe watching this drama to yourselves, to your country and to your army. Give yourselves a chance to feel grateful to Allah for creating those brave, selfless men sacrificing themselves in the line of fire for you every day.

 Those of you who have seen it once, you won’t regret watching it again. Those who haven’t seen it once (shoot yourselves!), ah no! Just watch the drama! For those whose proff is over and are now in the proff free time of the year; go for it! And for those whose proff is not over, I think I’ll just shut up before I’m shot in my sleep! 


  1. gulsher :D he was the best thing about the drama

  2. absolutely the best thing!!


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