Anatomy Final Prof Viva and Practical Questions 2014

Anatomy Final Prof Viva and Practical Questions 2014



Ulna attachments lower end, type of inferior radioulnar joint, its movements, axis of movement. Limb pe deltoid and musculocutaneous nerve mark krwaya. Embryo k model pe somites mark krwaye aur ye poocha k what are they and derivatives. Bas.
P.S: Mam Rafeah is not THAT scary like everyone think she is, as a matter of fact, she's really nice to you. And she gives you ample time to think.
Attachment of trapezius, serratus anterior, over head abduction with reference to scapular movement, embryo model of fifth week, its age determination, somites, their role, then spotting of median nerve, corachobrachialis, brachioradialis and extensor carpi radialis longus and nerve supplies of all these muscles...
Asked to identify a muscle on body ( pronator teres) which nerve passes through its two heads ,radial nerve pierces what muscle , brachioradialis nerve supply, muscles of anterior compartmenta of arm , nerve supply of brachialis. Action of brachioradialis 
Surface marking : ulnar artery
Embryo(mam mahjabeen): function ov placenta,primitive node,polyhydroamnios,why chorion is called so?,layers ov chorion.
Movements ov elbow joint and axis
Embryology(mam mahjabeen):what z chorion( itz formation) , amniochorionic cavity
Umbilical cord and itz contents
Identify notochord in model and itz functionz
tndns pasng on its drsl srfce
insrtn of extnsr dgtrm
extnsr expnsion
mscles insrtd in e.expnsn
lmbrcls fnction
embryo model about somites
their imprtnce
epidrms ks se bnti he
strctres drvd frm neuroectdrm
Ms. Raafea: Scapula. Muscles on the coracoid process. Movements of scapula. Muscles of protraction/retraction. Spotting of serratus anterior. Its function.
Muscles on clavicle
Pect major origin and action
Difference in clavicular and sternocostal parts of pect major
Medial rotation on humerus
Axis of humerus
Mam Mahjabeen ... critical period of development , why it is called so, infections permeable to placenta , effects of rubella virus on fetus , pointed me to identify placode on a model , what type of placodes present in an embryo, paraxial mesoderm form which structures.
Internal: chorionic villi, movements at shoulder joint, median nerve
Surface marking:superior vena cava(sir Jalals pet mark, though on the attendant it was a disgusting experience) and brachial artery
Why adductor canal is called adductor canal, function of trabaculae carnae
Cutaneous innervation ov lower limb
Upper end ov femur and itz ossification
Venous drainage ov lower limb
osfctn of vrtbrae 
-Surface Marking: Ulnar artery.
Blood supply of heart
Tibia (had to explain it all)
Ossification of tibia

Spotting on embryo model,side of radius,joints formed by upper end of radius,superior radioulnar joint.U have to make the joint with bones.Spotting on dissected limb.
mark muscles of lower end of humerus,supination pronation kis joint p hote ha,tricep k nerve supply radial nerve k radial groove m branches,limb p muscles poche ksh identify,4th week,derivatives of ectoderm,notochord k functions,kb bnte ha?thk ha jaen.
mark clavicle  side determination
 alantois,umbilical vesicle, capacitation, attachments of spine of scapula, action of supraspinatus, shoulder girdle and joint, spotting of ulnar nerve and its course, basilic vein
identify muscle (flexor pollicis longus, tell me its blood supply? Why musculocutaneous nerve is called so? Ab bus bhag jao.
limb py deltoid ki identification n function , clavicle : side identification , lateral side py ligaments , acriomioclavicular joint ( type , movement n scapula k sath kesy bnata joint ) ...... Embryo : mam mahjabeen ..... neurulation , neurula , have u heard abt scndry neurulation ( ans was jst no  ) , dispermic mole , vsible structure in umblical cord .... worton jelly ( or sth like that  ) , primordial germ cells ( location n transportation ) , mesoderm types ( intra n extraembryonic ..... furthr types n derivaties ) .... somites , prenatal period mai oogonia kis phase tk jata ... n etc etc
Mam rafia : Chalking of lower end of radius, movement at wrist joint, extensor expansion, entensor digitorum ki attachments, Extensor muscles Mam mahjabeen: Trilaminar embryonic disc, derivatives, allantois ka role, cryogenic preservation,
upper end of humerus, muscles attached, function of pec major , hw z it a climbing muscle and its function, then on limb she spotted a muscle of arm through which a nerve was passing that was musculocutaneous nerve piercing coracobrachialis . Attachment of coracobrachilais
model of chorionic villi, how many types of villi are there, fetoplacental barrier, is it a barrier or a permeable/semipermeable membrane, functions of placenta, what things can't pass through it, on the upper limb muscle identification:corachobrachialis , musculocutaneous nerve, it's sensory supply (through lateral cutaneous), where does medial cutaneous nerve of forearm originate
Embryology model about neural folds and tube , what week is it ,.other changes in this week , gastrulation , endoderm is derived from which layer, derivatives of ectoderm
names of carpal bones, spotting on upperlimb, boundaries of cubital fossa, nerve piercing pronator teres Embryo (ma'am mahjabeen): chorion, why chorion is called chorion, fetoplacental barrier, changes in it, positive pregnancy factor, difference btw + preg. Factor and hCG, differences btw spermatogenesis n oogenesis
Acromioclavicular joints n movements,median nerve,show how clavicle is attached to scapula,
twinning, stomodeum, organogenesis, critical period of development cinicals . Chalking on scapula .movements at the joint with axes . Nerve supply of hybrid muscles .
side determination ov ulna, joints made by ulna
Upper Limb (Mam Rafia)... structures on posterior side of lower end of radius,why anterior interosseous artery is on posterior side?carpal bones ,which carpal bones are involved in wrist joint? ... Embryo(Mam Mahjabeen)..phases of ovarian cycle,source of estrogen in ovary,theca interna and its formation,primordial germ cells,blood group chimeras,normal site of implantation,placenta previa and its consequences,most common site of ectopic pregnancy,in vitro technique used when fallopian tubes are blocked.
lwr part of radius pe mscle atchmnts
model of embryo having 2 polar bodies,is it possible 1st polar body to divide into 2nd polar body,spotting of ext.digitorum n ext.indices,attachment of ext.indices,extensor expansion.
 side determination of ulna , show movements of scapula , elbow joint (type of joint?) , types of twinning? ,identical twins? , complications of monozygotic twinning? (then she left for a birthday party in tea room  hence,ending the viva... no limb no model! ) 
side detrmination of humerous,deltoid tuberosity,rotatr cuff,shouldr joint,contnts of intrtubrculus sulcs,axilliary nerve,spotng on long head of bicep brchii ndd median nerve...
side determination of clavicle, sternoclavicular joint, movements of scapula, muscle causing protraction, their attachments n nerve supply.. Spotting on model of embryo.. was showing umbilical cord with Wharton's jelly n vessels, functions of placenta
Ms. Mahjabeen: Mesoderm. Its types. Somites. Somitogenesis. Neurulation. Notochord. Primitive Streak. Remnants of notochord in human. Functions of notochord.
clavicle side determination
 mam Rafia ... side determination of humerous , attachment of lesser tubercle , action of muscle attached to it, pronation, on dissected limb , mam pointed me to identify 2 structures , one was radial nerve n other was basilic vein...
Clavicle side determination explain it's lateral 1 third and attachments. Emplacement course of radial artery. Palmar and dorsal carpal arches. Mam mah ja been changes in umbilical cord in gestation. Allantois kab appear hota ha. Model explain karaya tha jis ma buccopharangeal memb r heart prominence r folding pocha.surface Marking heart ki. Steps of approach to patient for examination of b.p


ossification of bone,attachment of capsule,spot muscles of back of thigh on limb,cruciate anastomosis.Coronary sinus,nerve supply of pleura,nerve root & supply of phrenic nerve.Synovial membrane
spot muscles of back of thigh,trochnteric cruciate anastomosis,explain internal features of left ventricle,chalking and explaination of lower end of fibula,classification of bones,which type are of skull bones chalo bhag jao
blood supply of heart, tributaries of coronary sinus, lower end of fibula
anterior compartment of thigh,spotting of left lung and dissected heart , function of cordae tendonae,diff. b/w right and left lung appearance, attachments and ossification of lower end of femur
whats tibia, anatomical position, side identification, muscle attachement, identify muscles of back of leg.If u cut tendocalcaneus what movements r going to be lost (I said more or less all  no plantar flexion.She said no (person will be able to walk but he cant run) Can u run?? Acha okey phir bhag jao apna roll number bata ker.Surface marking (radial nerve) Embryology by Mam.Mahjabeen (whats fertilization? Whats ootid? Whats spermiogenesis? Why male nd female pronuclei are created? I gave a reason but she said no and thn I said to mantain chromosomal number constant and to induce completion of meiosis and formation of polar body and all that (to which she gave me Shabash)
back of thigh k structures on limb , right ventricle k visible structure dikhayen , lower end of femur n its ossification , complex joint , synovial fluid k function....... 
Iliac crest ki marking, illiotibial tract, fascia lata ki attachments, Root of lungs, Rib identification(2nd rib thi) 
right atrium of heart hold it,which structures are visible, upper end of femur,ossification of femur, embryological significance of femur ossification, 2nd layer of sole, dorsalis pedis artery, muscles of calf identify them on cadaver (limb) , attachment of flexor retinaculm
attachments on iliac crest, functions of illiotibial tract , muscles of second layer of sole, attachments of illiotibial tract, identify left ventricle, explain it's parts, functions of papillary muscles, it's blood supply
 deltoid ligament , upper end of fibula, muscles of medial compartment of thigh, nerve supply of adductor magnus , why it has two nerve supplies, embalming 
attachments of conjoined ischiopubic rami, side determination and ossification of fibula, spot the muscles of adductor canal on the lower limb, spotting of disected heart,
iliac crest muscle attachments, structure passing through hilum ov lungs and right ventricle,muscle ov back ov thigh marking...
ossification of sternum femur etc. Chalking on sternum .veinous drainage of heart ,iliio tibial track fascia lata lacunar and pulm .ligament.
:identify muscles ov anterior compartment ov thigh
.mark lower end of tibia,difference between hilum of right and left lung,internal features of left ventricle,functions of chordae tendinae.
spotng of calf mscls
spotting of tibialis post.,ext.halucis longus,evertors n invertors of foot,attachments on the upper end of femur,inlets of right atrium
external: ischium & its ramus , nerve supply of semitend semimemb , bipinnate muscle ki eg?
markng of attachmnts of rib,arrangmnts of intrcostl groove contnt,importanc of tranvrs sinus,deep cardiac plexus,cutaneous innrvation of lower limb...
deep cardiac plexus, classification of muscles with examples, lung identification. Chalking of sternum n ots ossification.. then said: apki sternum ossify hogai hai puri? i said no, "OR MERI?" Err.. no mam.. *laughted* ok phir tm pass ho, jao😎
Spotting of muscles of back of thigh. Deep cardiac plexus. Cruciate anastomosis. Right atrium of heart (feautures). Muscles on the upper end of tibia. 
Muscles of back of thigh
chalking of lower end of femur , its ossification, describe pericondrium, structures undercover gluteus max ...n nothing.
Arterial supply of heart . Locking and unlocking of knee joint


there r 10 stations with 1  slide at each station , 1 min at each. identify n tell the truth about em (reason of id) . 2 resting stations r there. at 10th station...they will take ur paper. then u r given major slide..focuss it said 20 min for all...though they were more than 20) after  hand over th paper,one is good to discuss,,, revision time depends on .. when n who takes viva.. viva is a 2 min interaction ..mam rafia asked questions pointing to the diagram & simple questions on it


There are 10 stations for spotting, 2 for embryo models, 1 each for radiography and bones, and rest 6 for three regions. You have approximately 2 min at each station.


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