When you see a disheveled student, holding BD close to his heart, unconcerned about the world and its matters, (running around in anatomy lawn with an expression so miserable, so frightened) to find a spot to initiate his harmonic pendulum like motion which is called the “tactic of CRAMMING”, you know he is a freshmen and he has his first substage ahead:

first substage:feels like this
Na, juniors don’t get upset.
 This situation is nothing more than normal. Rather take it nothing more an adventure (well of course the adventure you'll have to face after every week or two)

I can recall. The Frist substage feeling for batch18 was like:

We, having a pleasant dream, when what sounded like hammering woke us up. After that, we could barely hear the muffled sound of dirt covering the coffins over our own screams…………..
BUT, let’s not fear coz your seniors are here.

Here I try give you a brief guidance for your first substage.

Yup, you heard me right. First thing you need for studying is a fresh relaxed brain so that you can later on fill it up by “anatomying”.You know Its really very frustrating when you cant get anything inside your head .

Sp its very important that you study with fresh and tension free mind.
 Have faith in Allah and yourself. This is not a do or die thing. Just a simple 5 min viva and then you are good to go. No hard and fast rules. So don’t depress yourself over this.

Every other person is different from who you are. They have their own strategies, their own ways to study. Some study hard and others harder. Even some passes tests and substages by just studying a night before. So although you might take them as monsters but seriously telling, just overlook such “theetas” around you and concentrate on your own prep.

when a theeta mentions a clinical you have no idea about

 Try cover every important topic. If others study more than one book, and you don’t feel like it then its okay. No need to over burden yourself. But yes do make sure that you have a good concept.

Vivas are different from written tests. You need to answer precise and to the point in order to show the “interrogator” that you have a good concept.You can study any book you find easy to understand as beginners. But most of you prefer BDs. So while preparing, try making keys or flowcharts or notes, whatever you feel, on your BDs. Itmakes it appropriate or easier to comprehend.
BD tells a lot of unnecessary stories which might pass over your heads and you feel like bumping your heads into the wall.
“Downwards and medially to the point where it turns postero-inferiorly to the ridge where a tubercle meets a fissure and you wanna go bump your into any wall you find”
*happens every time*

So fellas, keep it short, crisp and to the point and you are good to go.
One thing more, try preparing your BDs for finals. You can write important points your teacher tells and make points for those important lengthy clinicals present in KLM or other books that you read.
sticky notes help a lot

At the end, it saves time and you are spared from the haphazardness of opening two books in front you, confused about what to study from where, a night before exams (you seriously don’t want this)
when trying to get a concept of a total "french" topic

Okay so you study the whole night, you feel miserable as this is your first back-breaking substage, and you are tensed and all. Of course its normal as this is your FIRST SUBSTAGE. But it’s very important that you do sleep the night before substage. It’ll help you answer questions in a more relaxed and content way. And yes you’ll be spared from the feeling of “forgetting everything”.
Therefore have a goodnights sleep. Have a good breakfast (especially hostellites). Dress up neatly. Look tidy like a “pappu bacha” and yes don’t forget to press your overalls.

There are million dollar expressions on every face during the first substage.
trying to answer questions during viva like

Here are some very important tips:
  • First and first, after you know which professor is taking your substage, do consult any senior about him/her. The professor’s favourite topics/questions, mood…. Etc. ;
  • Reach the allocated demo room or area where substage is being taken on time.
  •   Keep your ANATOMY CARD with you in your overall pocket.
  •  You DO NOT want to miss your turn when the professor calls you or be not there when he/ she calls you. This is what mainly makes them furious. So stay there when your turn is about to come.
  •   It will be better if you just close your books and relax and PRAY half an hour before your turn. Trust me, it’ll help you answer more swiftly. 
  • OR you can discuss and revise questions with any friend of yours orally without opening the books.
  •  If, unfortunately, you see that the professor’s mood ain’t good or you see your fellow coming out of the room tensed with tears in her eyes saying “mai nay to urr jana hay”, then I’ll suggest not to get tensed at all and just move away from there (nearby ofcourse) so that you are spared from that depression.
  • The most IMPORTANT thing: do note the questions being asked to the students. It gives you the idea of level of difficulty plus there is a very great chance that you are asked the same questions. 
  • If during viva, you think you said something wrong, and you have somehow recalled the correct answer then do tell. Don’t sit quietly. But if the teacher starts explaining to you or she accuses you of telling wrong or you undergo “BISTI-NESS” then don’t say anything and just apologize or move your head in submission. 

Just  be confident. 
First substage?
 So what.
 No problem.
 Just have faith in your hard work and have faith in Allah. But yes not over confident please. Have a mild smile on your face. (it helps in hiding your tension). Your expressions are really difficult to control especially when teacher asks a not easy question.

you on the outside
 But actually
O why me!!
Pray a lot a lot. Pray for a good professor or pray for the professor’s good mood. Pray that you are asked easy questions. Pray that you pass …… pray whatever you want that day to be like. ALLAH listens. 

Aftet giving your substage, open your BDs again and revise the questions that you think were important and the teacher didn’t ask you………. Phfffbuwahahah…….. Yeah, right!!
Go out and party kiddos……

Coz these moments won’t come again. Your first substage won’t come again. So enjoy this period.


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