How often you come across a special child and you feel like talking to him? 
Or do u feel like asking the parents that how are they doing?
Do you feel like asking how he and his family are coping up with their lives?
Or you feel like staying away or look at them as if they were "aliens".

The truth is every person is unique in itself.
Allah has made every individual different: 
Every individual, beautiful. 
Every individual complete, in its own self.

And there are persons to whom Allah has granted something special. They do not lack anything rather they are gifted by
His grace and love that shines in their eyes. And to spend time with these people is a special moment in itself. They are not abnormal and it’s a shame to call them retarded or disabled because simply, they are NOT. Allah has granted them with a specialty which we “not special” people might never understand. They are gifted with innocence, truthfulness and purity to such an extent that they just need love, affection and acceptance in society to live. No money, no fame, just love. They do not need our sympathy rather EMPATHY

Unfortunately we often witness social circles of our society rebuking families over the fact that they have a special child. And it’s heart rending to see the society’s misconceptions about these children as it denotes their specialty as “Allah ka azaab” or “gunaho ki saza” and bla bla what not.......

 I mean seriously? Come on people. It is the 21st century and we need to realize the fact that this kind of stupidity and illiteracy will drown our country one day.

 As being responsible and educated citizens of our beloved country Pakistan, we need to spread the awareness in our society that these special children are part of our general population and for God’s sake, they are not contagious. They are just like normal children with an only difference that they have a specialty that is unique in itself. And being different, being special, not in any case means that they are something exclusive or dangerous for the society or its prosperity. So it’s our social responsibility to sow seeds of literacy and better knowledge in our society so that our efforts in improving its point of view about special children are fruitful in future. And this is especially important for those parents who are thumbed down by the fear of “log kia kahay gay” and do nothing for their education and training.

"Raising a child with special needs does not take a special family. It makes a family special."

To spend time with these children is a precious moment in itself. And I’m glad I was honored with such moments.
Last week I attended the Social Responsibility Programme at FC College arranged by Shahdab Training center. It’s a training center for the special children. This center has been working for many years for the welfare of the special children and is letting no sticks unturned to make these children  capable enough to stand on their own feet.
The team and children of Shahdab training center

The children that had come there were so adorable and lovable that you get a smile over your face when you see them. They performed different plays and musical performances on stage.


 Then there was this painting session in which these children painted their views with the volunteers.

I volunteered to paint with this pretty little lady. She looked so adorable in the yellow dress that she wore. Her name she said was “Aapi” and she always smiled with her twinkling eyes whenever I addressed by her name.

 I asked what she wanted to draw. She said something that I wasn’t able to comprehend. So I just gave her the colours and waited for her to draw. She drew a heart with red marker. That moment was so very cute. She had clear ideas of colours in her mind. Then again I asked what she wanted to draw more, she said something in her mouth. I got near her to understand but all I could comprehend was “boo”. I moved my head in affirmation although I didn’t have any idea what she was going to draw. But then she drew a ball. I took her hand and drew many other things like stars and smiley faces and teddy bears and clouds and moon. 
Me and Aapi

Aapi was enjoying a lot and felt very happy. She was chuckling. And I felt pleasure and some kind of calmness in my heart. And I came to know that these children need nothing more than a little attention and love, to get happy.

After all this, the paintings were displayed. The children’s ideas and imagination and the choices of their colours were wonderful.

 Then the children were given gifts and were appreciated and applauded greatly by the audience. With the “disco” music in the background, the children were enjoying to such an extent that the whole audience felt a bliss of happiness in the atmosphere. :)
There, at that point, I found out how little things can affect our lives, how these little things meant so much for them and made them happier than ever. We "not so special" people cannot thank Allah enough for everything we have. But still, we grief over such unimportant things and become hopeless, On the other hand, these kids were full of such enthusiasm and hope that made them amiable at that moment. :)

 So, yeah, the time spent with these special children was beyond special.

So the reason I am writing this is that there is a dire need that we make this idea common that these special children are the part of our society. A precious part. And that we as students, as citizens of our country and as human beings should try and take every possible step to spread this awareness not just in our society or country but the whole world. And if we will stand united for this good cause we will bring "the difference" In sha Allah.

Because they are truly:

“Taaray Zameen Par”


  1. finally someone with different views....I wonder how some one can be facing ALLAH's anger and punishment without doing anything as most of such kids are born such or get such thing very early in their lives when they are sheer innocence. "ALLAH ka azab, bicharay, astagfirullah, these are the worlds often people mumble while passing by me. I always wonder "why"...!!!


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