Them "SCORES" feel !!

Being an A level student, I never really realized what it's like to have an array of students arranged in ascending order on basis of difference of marks.
I mean , an A* meant an A* back then, and all was merry!

It wasn't long when I entered KE to have witness a never-ending race of superiority based on the number of marks you get in professionals. I mean it's simply NOT AT ALL, 'JUST PASS' like I had it in my mind or most of Kemcolians you'd encounter in daily routine tell you about!

It's more like, a definition based on grades! A categorical ranking of everyone, according to some basic terms I'd like to highlight as follows:

 Theetas : Position holders, Distinctions, 75% above marks!
 Excellent students, 71-75
 Okay-ish students, 65-70
Bad Students, less than 65%
 and then the category where everyone is like "How did they even get in here,into KE"

And by this time You all know which category you fall in ;) that's the beauty of KE, You are made to realize that - You want it or not! So Deal with it the Kemcolian way!
Talk about me,  Well This is me :D
But You see, No one really says that out loud, it's a general concept that is embedded deep inside everyone's heads, one realizes it or not.It took me a good 3 years and 3 professional examinations to deduce this. I am not saying it's a bad thing, it would be the best thing ever if it was for a positive notion. I mean a sense of competitive environment where everybody struggles for getting better, is what a healthy educational environment all about. But to my dismay, it is Quite the opposite!

What is it indeed, is a place where a person who struggles, gets, okay-ish marks is then labelled as an okay-ish student! A place where this very definition of grading into categories dishearten some people and leaves others depressed, a place where there is no existence of a competitive environment, it's all a useless race where people are running aimlessly towards a goal they dont even have a definition for.

What amazes me the most is, that the mere spirit behind studying, the very purpose behind those scores is lost somewhere, amidst that never-ending race that I tell you, aint going nowhere.
I had always believed that the only competition one has is with one's ownself! You need to be better tomorrow than what you are today. The only notion of betterment and grooming is your own self-assessment and nurturing your ownself.
We really need to grow out of this system where we label our students based on grades not their intellect or their abilities.
Everyone who ever made it into KE,  is worthy of all the respect irrespective of the category( I mean the ones in our heads) they fall into. Similarly as anyone with any achievement is deserving of the praise and respect be it any walk of life! Let's breed a society with a healthy Mindset and a positive approach and not just the one having Gold Medals and Scores. World's got plenty of that.  Lets Create Kemcolians that the World Actually needs!

Disclaimer: No offence inteded to anyone! It's a general article, and lets just learn to be more embracing to some facts of life.
And for the Record,

 Every One out there is amazing in their own way. Stop comparing :)

Stay Blessed All!


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