11 Things Every First Year Student Can Relate To


1.      First and foremost, that awesome moment when you realize you are a Kemcolian:

Priceless! :D

2.      First time in the dissection hall:

Because that is one thing we are all excited to brag about :D

3.      When you haven’t even started studying yet and the mohallay ki anti wants medicine:

4.      What we expect when we enter the dissection hall:

What we find:


5.      Nerd Diaries: When your friend cries about how he/she has studied nothing at all for the upcoming test and still tops the class:


6.      When certain teachers claim kai poori class MCAT mein dhandli kar kai ai hai:

Like seriously!

7.      When you realise you get  a sports week and spring break at KEMU:

Nothing matches the happines of a midyear vacation!!

8.      When nothing in the vicinity of KEMU is as fun as you were promised:

Because whenever there is Party time: We get a rickshaw and go to Mm Alam. :p

9.      Story of every welcome party:

Its like fairy Godmother did her magic. Literally.

10.     That sigh of relief after first stage:

 ‘I think I will pass… Damn that spotting though.’

11.     Season of the Prof (No less than season of the witch):

And when it is prof mode everyone is wondering 'Umm… Who told me to do medicine again!??'


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