Preparing for 3rd Professional in Just One Month

Yes, it is possible. The only thing u need is time management and good memory. 3rd prof is easy but with some uncertainities  esp for ENT.

Suppose u have just one month to study and prepare for 3rd Prof then here is the schedule.


Start with ENT as this is lenghty as compared to Eye and Community Medicine and after completing it you can have some satisfacion that u are standing somewhere.

Ent--7 days.

Ideally u should have covered ENT during ward time or give 13 days of ur sendup prep to ENT. Ushould, I repeat u should do every chapter of Dhingra for safe side and for some confidence during viva but in the end its all Good Luck which can get u through it.

So in prof,
 ENT = 7 days.

Day 1 & 2  =  Ear
Day 3         =  Nose
Day 4         =  Larynx and Pharynx
Day 5         =  Surgeries ( do indication,technique.complications of all but u have to do mastoidectomies, tonsillectmy, adenoidectmy, Caldwell-Luc,  SMR and septoplasty complete including position etc)
Day 6         =  Oral cavity, Thyroid, Esophagus, Neck masses and Laser etc.
Day 7         =  Revision or if u are behind schedule.


Eye           =   5 days

Day 1        =   Errors of refraction, Eyelids, Lacrimal apparartus,
Day 2        =   Cornea, conjunctiva.
Day 3        =   Lens, Glaucoma
Day 4        =   Retina, Squint
Day 5        =   Misc and minor chapters like sclera etc.

If u do Saleem Akhtar then u will remember 80% of Eye while in exam but if u do Jatoi u will only remember 50%. But to remember 100% u will have to do it during ward, sendup prep also.

Community Medicine

CM          =    4 Days

Day 1      =    Biostat, epi, research
Day 2      =    Communicable diseases
Day 3      =    Nutition, health etc
Day 4      =    Misc and minor topics 
Do Mam Saira book.


Patho    =      15 days

Day 1      =    Male, female repro
Day 2      =    Kidney all, 
Day 3      =    Blood vessels
Day 4      =    Heart
Day 5      =    Liver, Pns
Day 6      =    Git, pancreas 
Day 7     =    CNS (selective)
Day 8     =    Endo
Day 9      =   Endo 
Day 10     =    Lung (tumors,pneumoconiosis, asthma,emphysema)
Day 11     =   Bones and joints, skin (only headings)
Day 12      =   Blood
Day 13      =   Blood
Day 14    =    Past papers and revision
Day 15   = Revision

Its best that u cover patho in tests and give 15 days to it in sendup prep.


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