KAPS Photography Contest February

KAPS Photography Club started a trend of monthly Photo Contests to promote young talent at King Edward. The competition was very tough. We received a lot of great photos and it was really a very difficult job to judge. Thanks to DR. Tauseef Omer for judging this competition.Here are the results:

1st Position-Qistas Malik(Final Year)

2nd Position: M.Tayyab Zia(2nd Year)
                    Taha Masood(4th Year)

3rd Position: Naurez Qasim(3rd Year)
                     Rabia Sajjad(Final Year)
                   Ibrahim Raza(4th Year)


4th Position: Ubaid Ali Rana(4th Year)
              Awais Raza(3rd Year)
                 Sania Saleem(4th Year)

5th Position: Zahra Butt(Final Year)
                      Haania Khan(4th Year)


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