The Little Things in Life

Have you ever thought of little things that matter in your life. Like smiling during greeting others, like helping one during your walk , like appreciating others, like supporting someone who deserves it ?May be Yes or May be No!!

Life is not only about achieving high goals, aiming high,, sharing philosophical quotes and indulge in a talk show like talk, where everyone wants to appear as an another Ashfaq ahmed. !! Trying to show that he is the only philosopher left in the entire world.
I don’t believe in reaching a higher mark…like getting a degree , dreaming of a good job in a Multinational company , a furnished house and a Mercedes!
Remember , you can get a furnished house with your degree , but you can never get a home unless you masters yourself in relations..!!
Lets not deviate from the topic.. Little things, that are Oxygen of our lives. But we don’t really appreciate them , until we suffer from the consequences of ignoring them.
We are very good at observing others. But have we observed ourselves once in our lives? The way we talk, the way we move in society, the way we behave .
Lets start from scratch .
Does it take much if you start appreciating nature and people around you? No matter you know them or not. If you take duas of people roaming around you..working as a Mali, as a attendant, as peon, by Saying Salam and giving them little respect, is it ghaatay ka soda?
Does it take much from you if you spend some time with your family , with you mom esp . nothing much to do..only sit besides her and tell her tale of the day, listen her what she says, and if you don’t have time for this even, just go and sit only.!!! You cant measure her pleasure and gratefulness..!!

Have you ever felt sorry for those grandparents who were ignored by their kids while watching a soap ? Look at yourself and think isn’t it that you are one of those kids too. Go, talk your granny and grand pa. Have some words with them. Tell them about your goals and projects . and they ll give the advice you needed the most ! Since their experience is more than your age..!

Are you still bore even after playing Minion Rush and stalking every profile and pics and after watching seasons and movies? Then go outside your room , on a terrace , in a graden and breath deeply, let fresh air warm your lungs and give you a feeling that you are still alive to Thank HIM. Watch the sky, observe the clouds moving, listen the wind passing and literally observe nature , which you have read in THE ALCHEMIST and was impressed by the writer or a shepherd Yes you can do! You can listen and talk to nature just like shepherd did. Just like that Chinese prince did when he went to jungle for a year. They all were common man. So are you!

Remember life is not really short, for even if you have a day left, you still have 24 hours, 60 mintues in every hour, 60 seconds in every mintues and so on. And you can give a hug in one minute! You can bring a smile on someone ‘s face in a second. You can be the reason of someones happiness! You can never know your little attention can be a life saver for someone . You just have to appreciate ! you just have to support! you just have to help and care ! and you just have to consider those LITTLE THINGS in your life !


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