Medicine Study Guide | High Yield Topics

By Abeera Akram

Resp waley kiye davidson se thei kch topics..i.d se ni
To be done from Inam danish in Respo Clubbing Modes of mechincal ventilation Table Pink puffers and blue blottera diffrnc table Bronchial asthma and cardiac asthma diffrnc table COmparison of typicl and atypicl pneumonia table

Scabies ,eczema,psoriasis ,acne vulgaris ,(most imp) Otherz... bacterial n fungal infection ,erythema nodosum ,pyoderma ,blisters ,pemphigous n pemphegoid

Examination Thyroid gland Fig 20.3 Table 20.5 20.6 Thyrotoxicosis Q Clinical features of thyroid dys, prevalence of antibodies k tables Autoimmune thyroid Hashimoto Transient thyroiditis Gynaecomastia seq PCOS Parathyroid Hypetcalcemia Hypocalcemia Pri hyperparathy Q Hypoparathy Fig 20.19 Cushing Fig 20.22 Tests for Cushing table Adrenal insufficiency Q How n when ACTH test table Management of adrenal crisis table Pri hyperaldo Pheochromo Cong adrenal hyperplasia Fig 20.25 Pituitary Classification table How to investigate table Hypopituitarism Fig20.28 Acromegaly D. Insipidus Jo topic nai likhay wo nai krne Endo

732 33 Thyroid Gland 36-43 Autoimmn thyroid 45-48 Gyncmstia 59 PCOS 60 Parathyroid 63-68 Figr 20.19 769 Cushing 70-80 Fgr 20.25 781 83-86 Acrmgly 790 Diabtc inspdus 792

Diabetes k marks.. Page 796,7 Page 800 to 806.. including tables Diabetic ketoacidosis Non ketotic hyperosmilar coma Lactuc acidosis Hypoglycemia Table 21.29 Anti diabetics uska table b Insulin therapy including tables Retino nephro n neuro pathy n duabetic foot

Kidney... GFR. Stages of CKD. Renal biopsy ka table. all presenting cmplaints except erctile dysfunction. Hematuria i.d se b dekhna. Acute kidney injury davidaon k tables bki i.d. CKD. renal replacemnt therapy i.d se. Davidson ka table. Contraindication to renal transplant. Glomerular diseases. Tubulointerstitial diseases. Adult polycystic disease. Renal stones i.d se. UTI asymptomatic bacteriuria se phle tk. Renal adenocarcinoma. Drugs n kidney. Renal tubular acidosis from i.d

Venous thrombosis davidson se krna I.d me nai

Liver: Pg 920,21. investgations of hepatobiliary disease, table 23.6 Fig 23.12 Jaundice. acute liver failure. Table 23.14 Fig 23.14 and 23.15 Table 23.15,16,17. Ascites. hepatic enceph Variceal bleeding Cirhosis Portal htn imp Viral hep imp Hep.A, B, D, C Alcoholic liver disease non alhclc faty liver dsease SEQ Hematochromatosis Wilsons diseae Autoimine hep Alpha 1 antitrypsn def Hepatopul syndromme Liver transplantation Table 23.67 Miscaleneous biliary disoedrs esp post chole syndrome
920,21 926-929 Figr 23:12 Juandice Acute liver failure Acites Hepatc encphlpthy Variceal bleedng Cirrhosis Viral hepatitis 947-53 Alchlc liver dsc Hemchrmtosis Wisons Autoimmune hepatitis Livr transplntatn 982-83

Git 36-37 Invstgation 45-49 Dysphagia Dyspepsia Acute upper GI bleed52-54 Table 22.20 Occlt gi bleed Malabsorption definition wd figur 22.22 22.23 22.25 Table 22.24 22.25 Reflux diseases 63-67 Motilty dsordr se phlay Peptic ulcer 71-74
Acute pncreatitis Inflmtry bowel Irritable bowel Lactose intolerance Short bowel

musculoskeltal .. 1054,1055 fig 25.5 25.6 25.9 pharmacological read all rem names n s/e only osteoarthritis imp Q RA imp Q seronegative saray gout Q septic arthritis osteomylitis sle imp sys sclerosisQ sjogren synd polymyositis systemic vasculitis Q osteoporosis osteomalacia ricket Q VDRR Paget seq

pg 522,23, invest of cvs, ecg quest, table 18.6,7,8, breathlesnes, fig 18.19, acut circ failure, cardiac temponade seq, heart failure imp, tabl 18.12, fig 18.24, abnomal heart sounda concept, tab 18.24,27, simus arythmia, atrial fib qyestion, tab 34, clas of anti arhythms drugs, atheroscler ques, fig 60, stable ang ques, acut coronart synd q, tab 64,71, iski imediate manag , vasc dis nahi krni, aortc aneurysm, htn, tab 90,91,92,95, fig 84 ques, fig 85 imp, rheumatc heart dis q, mitral valva dis q, aortc sten q, tricuspid valv read, inf endocard q, fig 93, tab 117,8, cong heart dis, coarctation of aorta, asd, vsd ques, tetralogy of falot q, myocardts q, cardiomyopathy q, acute periacrdts q.

CNS: Meningitis vimp, acute bact meningitis vimp, tb meningitis imp, viral enceph imp, L.P imp, brain abscess, poliomyelitis, epilepsy imp, stroke imp, parkinsonism imp, multiple sclerosis imp, intracranial tumors, headache, migraine, dementia, movement disorders, cerebellar dysfunction, paraplegia imp, pott's disease, spinal cord tumors, spinal cord infarction, transverse myelitis, syringomyelia, motor neuron disease imp, subacute degenration, peripheral neuropathy, muscular dystrophy, myasthenia gravis imp.

Ismien i guess bs blood k ni bki hein
Aur bone marrow transplant b krna davidson se

1. Aspirin= as antiplatelet 75-81mg, as anti inflammatory/painkiller 275-325mg, as anti pyretic(fever) 325-650mg 2. Inj Streptokinase (SK) 1.5 million IU (international units) IV in 100mL of Normal Saline over 1 hour. (For Myocardial Infarction) 3. Inj Benzathine penicillin 1.2 million IU IM every 3-4 weeks (for Rhematic fever). 4. Inj Benzylpenicillin 2-3 million IU 4hourly IV ( for Infective Endocarditis) 5. Helicobacter pylori Eradication Regime for Peptic Ulcer Disease = Omeprazole 40mg + Amoxicillin 2 gms + Clarithromycin 500mg ( for 10-14 days). 6. Interferon Doses for Chronic Hepatitis C Treatment. a) Standard Interferon alpha 2a & alpha 2b = 3 million IU 3times/week subcutaneously b) PEG interferon alpha 2a = 180 micrograms(mcg)/week (fixed dose) c) PEG interferon alpha 2b = 1.5 mcgs/kg/week. 7. Anti TB (ATT) : Isoniazid(INH)= 5mg/kg ; Rifampacin 10mg/kg ; Ethambutol 15-25 mg/kg; Pyrazinamide 15-30mg/kg 8. Diabetic Ketoacidosis from Book


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