All Pak Media Festival KEMU

In just a few more days, one of King Edward Medical University’s foremost societies, KAPS , will host a three day All Pak Media Festival. The culmination of months of dedicated efforts, this year, KAPS has organized an event that will bedazzle even the most severe of critics. Let’s take a quick review of the myriad of activities that will be seen in the upcoming days.

Day 1
The Festival will kick off on the 26th of May with the All Pak Arts and Photography Exhibition.
Showcasing innovative art pieces from the best institutions all over Pakistan, this Exhibition will be displayed in the historic and recently renovated Library Hall of KEMU. With categories ranging from paintings to sketches to sculptures, the sheer diversity of the exhibit is sure to be a treat to the eye. In addition, arrangements will be made for On Spot Competitions in Poster Making, Pot Painting, T-Shirt Painting, Flower Arrangements and Mehndi to provide a bit of adrenaline rush to interested participants. This year’s Exhibition will also showcase delectable baked goods. Anyone with a creative bone in their body will surely discover something of their interest!

Day 2
Arguably, the most anticipated event of the year, the Inter-class Short Video Competition is bound to be chock full of talented displays from our very own multifaceted Kemcolians. From heart wrenching videos that will move you to tears as well as humorous films that will cause the crowd to erupt into hearty laughter, interspersed with talented performances, this event is bound to be a highly entertaining affair. It will be one that will be remembered many years down the line.
With veteran film makers like The Oval Productions as well as beginners taking an equal interest in this competition, there are likely to be many stunning masterpieces that the audience will be able to view. Join us for the ride!
Day 3
The Media Festival will close off with a grand display of creativity and passion with the Inter Collegiate Short Video Competition and Battle of the Bands. If the presence of iconic celebrities like Bilal Lashari, Syed Noor, Waris Baig and Gohar Yousaf isn’t enough to tempt you, the melodic tunes and dramatic cinematography certainly will capture your hearts. A culmination of the unrecognized talent that lurks in our midst amongst the youth of Pakistan, this event will see participants from all the leading institutons of our country. This is not one to be missed !

written by : Hnia Usman


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