Aviate Launcher (yahoo) [ App Reviews Part 3 ]

Aviate Launcher (yahoo)    

Bored of your default OS? Need a change from the same old interface you  have been using since forever.  well this launcher by yahoo gives a better substitute.  It's one of the simplest and most efficient launchers in the market right now and is free as well. It ll give your time with smartphone a bit more spice and excitement and with smooth transitions it wont let you bore yourself for a fairly long period.

Category : Launcher

Price : free

The Good Stuff

  •   Arranges all your apps in a fashion most efficient and handy.
  •   All the apps move to a nice alphabetical scroll.
  •   A third screen dedicated to your current location and smartphone features related to it.
  •   The okay yahoo search.
  •   Rapid access to most used contacts ( I loved this one).
  •   Not a burden on memory.
  •   Wide compatibility.
  •   Doesn't need a lot of settings to be done.
  •   Sets automatically.

Not so good stuff :

  •  Limited additional customizability
  •   Notification bar loses its translucency.
  •   Transitions can be classified as more sharp than smooth.

Rating : 9/10


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