KEDS intercollegiate debating camp with Fast

KEDS went one step further this year by starting a series of 'Friendly Debating Camps' with some very veterans teams of the debating circuit of Pakistan. It was a great opportunity for the teams and participants from both Institutes to learn from each other and more importantly to meet each other outside the heated debating room. tongue emotico
To start with, KEDS hosted teams from FAST University, Lahore for a camp match on 15th April 2015. It was a English British Parliamentary Match with some great speakers from both institutes. The Teams were as follows:
FAST-A: Saad nadeem jr and Saad nadeem sr
FAST B: Eisha and Amna shahid
KEMU A: Tabish Javaid and Raza Shehzad
KEMU B: Maryam Fatima and Ahmed Rafay Afzal

Special Thanks to Team FAST esp Hassan Rafique Bhai, M. Wasee, Mir Rawtah, Saad Nadeem Sr and Saad Nadeem Jr for coming all the way to KE to make this possible.

The Topic of the session was: 'This House Supports Saudia's Intervention in Yemen.'
The debate was a fierce one with all teams giving their best. 
The Rankings were:
1st: KEMU-A (Tabish Javaid and Raza Shehzad)
2nd: KEMU-B (Ahmed Rafay Afzal and Izza Bazigh)
3rd: FAST-A (Saad Nadeem Sr and Saad Nadeem Jr)
4th: FAST-B (Arwa Anwar and Mir Rawtah) 


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