Anatomy 3D – Anatronica [App Review] Must-Have Mobile Apps for Medical Students Part 2

Continuing from the previous blog Must-Have Mobile Apps for Medical Students ,
here is the latest app review :

Anatomy 3D – Anatronica 

Category : study / anatomy

Price : Free , In-app purchases

First two years of medicine are an introduction to a whole new dimension of science and it demands a new approach as well. Anatomy being the highlight of first professional, we all struggle with this subject ; one way or the other. However you decide to deal with it , a sound understanding of physical features is must and this application is designed to cover morphological understanding and help you chew all the BD or KLM ( or Gray’s if you pretend to be an anatomy-guru).

Some of the highlights are :
·        A handy guide to anatomy.
·        Easy to navigate and explore human body (skeletal and muscular system in free version)
·        Search function
·        Details about every object from Wikipedia
·        Quiz

The good stuff
  •              Smooth interface
  •         Search function
  •         Layer function for various systems
  •         Hide function
  •         Details about every anatomical structure.
Not so good stuff

·        Takes up a lot of memory.
·        Exceptionally good performance on high end smartphones.


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