16 times you love to hate being a 2nd generation doctor

Here are 16 times when 2nd/3rd generation doctors hate, love or love to hate the glorious family history.

1. Kids always say " My family had no doctors. my parents always wanted to have a doctor kid. So much pressure. " Seriously ? You don't know the pressure of becoming doctor when it is the only designated profession in your family.

2. When first question on return from your first day of college wasn't how was the college. It was "Kon sa region mila hai?"

3. When you are preparing for a substage in your car and your uncle asks kon si substage hai and proceeds immediately to quizzing you and getting disappointed in your severe lack of knowledge.

4. When your grandmother makes you study Forensic Medicine with her from now extinct books for two hours daily for a month and is severely disappointed by you regardless of the fact you managed to pass by a wide margin.

5. When you get home after a bad viva , you  aren't consoled but asked k pocha Kia.

6. When your sister likes to open your Histology copy and make fun of your drawings while remarking, "Ye goblet cells becharon ko kia ho gya hai?" and "Ye itna mota epithelium kyn hai?"

7. When you have never been ,to the extent of your memory, asked for a medicine for a disease by a family member. The extent of your medical knowledge is rightly assumed to be limited to Panadol and Zyrtec.

8. When your parents like to know each and every point of your spotting conveniently forgetting the fact that if you knew all the points you wouldn't have failed every spotting you had ever given.

9. When you go for preparation of OSPE before exams you are asked on return "_______ model dekha tha ? "  or told about the various methods  your relatives have devised over the years for remembering slides and models.

10. Whenever a doctor's name comes up , you are told about his/her institution, year of graduation , spouse, love/arranged marriage, kids, and atleast three generations of forefathers.

11. Nearly Everytime you name one of your teachers, you are told why isn't he a "qabil Banda" even though he is a professor or an associate , a Kemcolian and an FCPS, or trained from UK or USA.

12. When the most normal table discussion in your family involves discussing medicine  related apps (Epocrates, Sanford and Up-to-date  are top contenders btw) and you try hard not to fall asleep on the table.

13. When your mom is doing "viva sifarish" in her subject left and right and when you even joke about your bad prep for viva , she is like " To parh lo na. My teachers found out who my mother was after I graduated" .

14.When you and grandmother are attendants of a patient and the nurse tries to rebuffs your grandma for asking the IV medicine with a condescending smile and your grandmother , like a boss , says " I am a doctor . My granddaughter too" and you almost feel sorry for the embarassed nurse. Almost.

15.When you hear medical anecdotes by the relatives which would seem unsuitable for family humour in most families. My personal favorite is when a woman came to my uncle in gynae duty and told him "Meri chath (roof) gir gai" and he asked koi nuksan to nai hua . She repeated her complaint and they both stayed confused until another doctor told him that she was talking about uterus prolapse. 

16.When you go to a doctor with your parents and half the time is spent arguing whether the doctor should take the fees or not.

PS. In short having doctors in your family is an amazing experience :) I know I  am blessed and this article is just for comic relief (although each incidence is 100% real ;) )


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