So KEDS ends this season on the highest possible note!
TEAM TROPHIES in both Urdu Parliamentary and Declamations at University of Gujrat Debates 2015!

Ruhma Ihsan and Maryam Fatima remaining unbeaten throughout the tournament continued their best form and in the end won the Trophy through a Unanimous decision! Congratulations to both of them, especially Maryam her first ever trophy!

In Declamations, it was the toughest of the tournaments with all the best speakers from all over Pakistan but 
Syed Ahmad Raza with 2nd position in English and Khawaja Hassan Akhtar with 3rd Position in Urdu category proved their class and stole the show with the team trophy! Well deserved victory guys, the best team of Declamation so far!
Champions Urdu Parliamentary

Winners Team Trophy Declamation


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