Graduation Bucket List - 26 things you must do before you graduate

You have all worked really hard to get here and now that you are here you should make the most of it. Here are 26 things you must do before you graduate. Let’s see how many can you cross off the list.

1. Go out every night for a week with your best friends
There is nothing like a night out with your best friends and what better than to do it for a whole week?

2. Explore the area around your university
And by this I mean Anarkali and Mall Road. You wouldn’t want to regret years later when somebody says, ‘So you never had Hafiz k Gol Gappay in the five years you were there?’

Food Street, Anarkali

3. Fail at least two tests in a year
For some of you it will be easy but for those who wouldn’t settle for anything less than eighty percent, its okay to fail once in a while and experience something new.

4. Stay awake for over twenty four hours straight (not studying)
You guys might want to take this one as a challenge because it will be really hard for a kemcolian to stay up for more than twenty-four hours for something other than studying. You could spend your time watching a season, reading a novel or hanging out with your friends.

5. Pull a prank on the administration of your university or a friend
It doesn’t have to be anything huge because obviously you don’t want to get expelled but you must have an interesting story for your grandchildren, something that’ll make you a legend.

6. Do the most reckless thing you can imagine in public
Are you too worried about what people will think of you? Believe me, everybody is. But maybe just for this once you could not give a damn about what others think and do the most stupid thing with your friends that comes to your mind. It could be anything from singing out loud in public for no reason or shouting names at the performers on an event.

7. Find the courage to talk to your crush
This can be really hard but it’s okay to make the first move. You can never know for sure what they will say and there’s only one way to find out; tell them!

8. Spend a night at the hostel if you are a day scholar
Do it at least once and find out if all the stories you have heard about the hostel life are true

The new block at Girls' Hostel, KEMU

9. Learn something unique about the history of KE
Since KE is more than a hundred and fifty years old this should be interesting.
KE is like REALLY old

10. Explore all the rooftops in the university you can find
You should definitely do this at least once before you graduate. Have a photoshoot at all the rooftops.

11. Help out a patient from your own pocket money
Even though we have all these charity events it wouldn’t hurt to help someone on our own once in a while. And there’s nothing like putting a smile on someone’s face.

12. If you’re a hostelite, host a party in your room
Yes it sounds like a lot of work but you could do it once. It is fun hosting a party. Ask Monica.

13. Talk to a complete stranger while out with friends
This you could do when you are hanging out with your BFFs, say at a restaurant. It takes confidence to go up to some stranger and start a conversation. Even if the other person ignores you, you will still have a story to tell.

14. Miss all the classes in one day and hang out with your friends
This is for all those who do not bunk any class and spend their whole day in lecture theatres. It will be good for a change.

15. Attend an event that you would normally miss
Everybody has their own interests and people miss all kinds of events all the time whether it is to study for a stage or just because they prefer spending their evening lying on the couch watching ‘Friends’ but you should attend one such event that you wouldn’t normally at least once before you graduate.

16. Record videos with your friends that you would never want the world to see
You will really enjoy this part. Make embarrassing, totally crazy videos with your friends. They will come in handy when you would want to relive your university life.

17. Make a box with ‘Don’t open until..’ written on it and put aside some things from your daily routine
The stuff could be anything; a doodle, a photograph you printed out, a wrapper, they may seem mundane right now but for this, you will thank me years after you have graduated and cried a river.

18. Cook your friends a meal
Spend a day with your friends at home. Cook something for them on your own, it doesn’t have to be anything fancy but you don’t have to go all J. Law either.

19. Apologize to anyone you think you ever hurt
You spend five years at a place interacting with so many people so there is a possibility that you may not end up in good terms with everyone. If you think you ever hurt anyone in any way, a former friend or just an acquaintance you should patch things up with them before you leave this place for good.

20. Go twenty four hours without internet, phone or laptop
Okay, this one’s tough but imagine not having to look at your cell phone every five minutes only to be disappointed by text messages starting with ‘moaziz saarif’ and notifications from Candy Crush. Give it a try. If nothing else, it will give your fingers a rest.

21. Flaunt your alma mater by all the cool merchandise they provide like hoodies and t-shirts
You must own at least one Kemcolian Hoodie, t-shirt or car sticker. You must let the whole world know that you are a Kemcolian. YOU MUST.

22. Go on a trip with your friends
Never, I repeat, Never miss a trip with your friends or you WILL regret it.

23. Do something adventurous
By this I don’t mean sky diving and bungee jumping, it could be something a little less life threatening like camping, fishing, rafting, hiking or anything you have always wanted to do with your friends.
Fairy Meadows

24. Call out ‘fruit chaat, chana papri, dahi bhallay’ in Piccadilly with fruit chaat walay Uncle

25. Put something funny on the notice board
Let your imagination run wild. I am sure you have come up with a lot of ideas already.

Seen at Zero Point
26. Polish your skills at something other than medicine
KE has so many societies for you to join and some very talented people for you to learn from. Find out what you are good at; be it debates, photography, acting or singing, and work on it. Because we are not just some nerds, we are really cool nerds B|


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