Important Tips for MCAT

By Muhammad Hashim Ghouri

§  There are no conceptual mcqs.
§  The mcqs are mostly from Book so read whole book thoroughly.
§  Full Book reading is most important.
§  Just full book reading gives you best points.
§  Part II most important chapters are
§  Part I important chapters
§  All tables in both books are very very important.
§  Once again the part II is very important.
§  In chemistry 50% conceptual and 50% from Book.
§  Part II is most important.
§  From part II Organic is most important from ch 7 to 16.
§  And inorganic is also important like ch
§  From part I important chapters are
§  All tables are also very important.
§  In Physics 80% are conceptual mcqs.
§  Most of mcqs come from Part 2.
§  In Part II electricity chapters are very important.
§  In Part II important chapters are
§  In Part I Important chapters are
§  All tables are very important.


  1. Does that mean we shouldn't stick to the syllabus for biology preperation?


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