Team Trophhy FUUAST Islamabad

KEDS stole the show at Federal Urdu University of Engineering and Technology, Islamabad!

Shaarif Bashir (President KEDS '15) writes:

"And the winning streak continues. 
Ladies and Gentlemen! KEDS wins the Declamation TEAM TROPHY at Federal University, Islamabad! 
The winning Team KE-A: 
Syed Ahmad Raza 2nd Position in English Category with 'The Typical Syed' humour and Khawaja Hassan Akhtar 2nd Position Urdu Category with the excellent urdu serious speech and flawless delivery. Shaba Boyzez! 
Numra Urooj from KE-B secured the 3rd position in English category. It was just her second competition representing KE. Too good MashAllah! 
Seriously So proud to see a 1st year Declaimer making her mark! And 
Muhammad Anas Tahir also giving his best and was appreciated by all. Just a matter of time boy, just a matter of time iA!
Shukar Alhumdullilah." 


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