Surgery Ward Test OSCE (2015)

1-Scenario of RTA with brain damage.

Q) What is the difference b/w primary and secondary cerebral injury? 
Q) How to diagnose condition?
 Q) What is the immediate treatment?

2-Scenario of urethral injury with bleeding at the meatus?
Q) Which part of urethra is injured?
Q)How to diagnose?
Q)Complications of injury?

3-Xray of Tension Pneumothorax

Q)Findings: lung collapse on affected side,mediastinal shift to opposite side and air-fluid levels.
Q) Immediate Treatment
Q) Definite treatment
Q)Why is this life-threatening?

4-CT Scan of Extradural Hematoma

Q) Identify
Q)Write 3 findings
Q) Treatment: Craniotomy

5-Instruments to identify, uses,c/I,sterilization:
Lumbar Puncture Needle:Types : pencil & cutting. C/I :z high intracranial pressure
Intestinal Clamp
ETT Tube and formula of ETT size for children
Tracheostomy tube:indications,complications
Joll self retaining retractor
Humby’s knife
Oropharyngeal Airway
Laryngoscope:uses, indications
Babcock forcep: uses
Scenario of Pheochromocytoma:
Q) How to investigate?
Q) Preoperative prep

6-Scenario of gas gangrene

7-Xray of gas under diaphragm

8-Blood Transfusion precautions & complications

9-Vicryl  Suture: Identify, type,uses




13-Branula size and flow rate

14-Distribution of dermatomes in Arms and Legs

15-Calculation of GCS

16-Scenario of hemorrhoids:Treatment

17-Scenerio of appendicitis:
Q) treatment
Q)Scoring Criteria

18-Scenario of pancreatitis

19-Scenario of Exophthalmos

Diabetic Foot: above knee amputation

21-Name 3 absorbable sutures

22-Match values:
ALT            7 to 55 units per liter (U/L)
AST.          8 to 48 U/L
ALBUMIN     3.5 to 5.0 grams per deciliter (g/dL)
BILIRUBIN     0.1 to 1.0 mg/dL

Hypothyroidism        T3 T4. TSH
Hyperthyroidism         TSH. T3 T4

24-Intestinal Obstruction:
Q) 5 Causes
Q) treatment

25-Beck’s triad

26-Spinal Anaesthesia:where give and side effects

27-Prolene Sutures

28-Umbilical Hernia ki pic and its treatment

29-Gynaecomastia ki pic and its causes

30-Scenerio of irreducible hemorrhoids
Q)Its Grade:4


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