5 Reasons Why You Should Be Grateful That You Are Practicing Medicine In the 21st Century

How many of us have fantasized about life in another century? I know I have. So I decided to do a little research in the past couple of days about the evolution of medicine and I was amazed by quite a lot of things that I came across. Medical science has evolved so much in the past couple of centuries (Thank God for that). Almost everything was run on chance in those days. From the most bizarre equipment to astonishingly stupid theories (as it appears to modern man today) such as bloodletting, people have experimented with them all. Frankly, I am grateful that they did, for experimentation leads to perfection. Here are a few facts that you will probably find interesting. Enjoy :)

1. Plague Doctors:

Well! Imagine if you were a doctor working during the plague with lavender and God knows what else stuck up your nose, dying to take off that hideous mask but you can't! And imagine further that you are not really helping anyone because you are simply working on hit and trial without any ANTIBIOTICS! Sounds horrible.

2.  'Bless you Urine' era:

For a very very long time people believed that drinking and bathing in urine will treat them of all their ailments. (Yes! that is why it is discarded from the body: To be drank again). But here is the Breaking news! Unfortunately the 'bless you urine' era lives up to today but thankfully people have enough education to decide for themselves whether they want it or not.

3. Bloodletting: Geez! There is too much blood in your system man!

This 'amazing' technique was used for a very long time. Developed by the Greek and used up till pretty much the 19th century. Here is the best part. People actually regularly got rid of their blood and even mild problems such as fever were attributed to too much blood in their body. There were basically two ways to do it. Either you apply a leech to your skin to suck it out OR you go all crazy and cut open a vein. Wow! Just wow.

4. Eye Surgery with a NEEDLE!

Oh! so you are having eye problems? wait till I stick a needle in your eye. You can see how long that needle is from the picture. Can't imagine how scary that might have been.

 5.  'Good as Real' Facial Prosthesis:

This image is not from very long ago (just the last century). Imagine if a patient came to you back then after an accident (God Forbid), you would have been powerless and said something like 'It won't be natural but it's something'. In contrast to this,  what is happening now? Normal people are getting their bodies fixed up.

All in all thank God for the 21st century :D

P.S If you liked this blog, please stay tuned. Sequel coming out soon :)


  1. Interesting article! The plague doctor bit reminded me of Inferno. ;D

  2. Thanks. Haha! It is one of my fav books ;) But that is not where the plague doctor bit came from :)


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