As Close As It Gets! The Prof.

By Murtaza Haider

As Close As It Gets!


As close as it gets the less prepared we feel.

“Time flies” they said, and well said. It has not been so long since we landed on to the Planet of the Den of Kings and Queens, the exalted K.E.M.U., and studied the First Year MBBS, often exaggeratingly regarded as the most refreshing year of medical study reign, creeping through soothing Modules, rattling Inter-modular blocks, nerve-racking sub stages and stages, here we are, at the edge of biggest rather scariest examination “The Prof”. All I feel is just like a person standing at the edge of deadly sea ready to wade in unprepared. A condition well depicted in the pic ;(
Talking about the Prof, all of us might have a vague imagination of this monstrous exam created by the seniors who have succeeded in barely escaping this exam and feel ecstatic in uttering their musings and experience which might seem quite threatening to a Firstula or a bed of roses as depicted by some other seniors who always love to get an image of co-operative  senior among the juniors.
We already know about how written is examined , about spotting and anatomy vivas also but the real ghost is Physio and Biochem Vivas which we haven’t experienced yet and we feel no reluctance in enquiring the most important topics to go through from the well-known seniors. As we all know cramming the whole syllabus is really a hard pill to swallow and by the depressing results we get from stages and modules we feel more or less like

It is just the time of year when even the most “Chill” seniors are seen grinning like a Cheshire cat in guiding the juniors their way to exams, paving their way to progress by marking the important topics, and sharing the myth of their triumph. And the same sort of  juniors make the most of it and follow them till the last mark, hoping that this short term success blueprint might be their road to glory. You would find them studying day long, striving hard to compensate which would  not be easy at this stage

The Theetas would be contented rather proud of their heavy labour and they will feel no shy in bombarding “depressors” to the already tormented and anxious fellows. The only strain that might be eating them would be how to get a distinction and overtake the other same specie fellows. It will be a wild goose chase relying on these thetas for some aid in the exams, I am telling you, because it would be no less than a chicken feed and they will turn their faces after looking at you giving a notion that you are not even vaguely familiar to them.  You cannot even do to them what you usually do to your best friends if your friends did a thing like that.

Although sendups are imminent but we all feel the same about them I presume:
To put into nutshell,
“Here cometh the Prof,
Here cometh the Blow,
And All I know is,
A little less than Jon Snow.”
Saying with Best of the wishes:



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