[AsK]emUnited MCAT Q&A Session: The answers

Here are the responses to the queries asked in the first session.

KemUnited started a premed section not very long ago. We got an overwhelming response to it, within a short period of time. The KemUnited team felt that there was widespread ignorance about preparation techniques. Most of the students relied on hearsay from their nearest friends and seniors, which may have guided or misguided them depending on the caliber of that person.
[AsK]emunited was our first step to give one-on-one advice . We received so many queries via emails, messages and comments on blog that it became difficult to answer all of them efficiently and timely. To make the procedure simpler and quicker, we present to you a 'Q&A Session' for students appearing in MCAT this year. 
Similar sessions will be conducted later for students of Matric/FSc/1st and 2nd year MBBS

Q1: How can i get 1000+ marks in mcat? How can i control my nerves and boost up my courage about 'horrifying' mcat? (Adeela Yaseen)

A: To score 1000+ marks in MCAT you need the follow these steps:

  • Prepare well, revise the syllabus as much as possible.
  • Time management is the key. Practice solving the MCQs in the provided amount of time. Remember the practice makes a man perfect. Take as many mock tests as possible.
  • Leave the questions that you cannot solve or recall. Come back to them after you have done the rest of test.
  • FiIl the bubbles carefully. You so not want to lose marks just because you filled the bubble in front of the wrong question number, do you?
To boost up your courage, keep reminding your self why you are doing this. Write down your motivation on a big piece of chart paper and paste it up in your room where you can see it daily. MCAT is neither the end of the world nor is it the scariest thing that you will ever come across in your life. Pray hard. Pray for strength. And also eat chocolates ;)

Q2: What was the last merit for physiotherapy in k.e?
List out the names of departments in k.e.. (Anam Ghazali)

A: In 2014 the last merit for DPT was 990
Other allied health sciences are:
  1. Medical Imaging Technology
  2. Operation Theater Technology
  3. Anaesthesia Technology
  4. Hearing Sciences
  5. Dental Technology
  6. Orthotics & Prosthetics Technology
  7. Radiotherapy Technology
  8. Renal Dialysis Technology
  9. Speech Therapy
  10. Psychological Sciences
  11. Cardiac Perfusion Technology
  12. Medical Laboratory Technology
  13. Vision Sciences

Q3: Plz tell some useful tricks to prepare for mcat coz all things are messing up n there's no time (Isma Danish)
A: The first step would be to calm yourself and start believing in yourself. Make up a schedule for each day and do revise the syllabus done the previous day in an hour so. Give another hour to solving test papers and practice MCQs. Do solve the UHS past papers. Give more time to the subject you find the most difficult to retain. Make notes of your own of the topic you are studying as if you are a teacher who has to deliver a lecture to the students. 
Do give these articles a read:
Q4: I did very well in my o levels. I got straight 8A*s
And I am currently waiting for my AS results. I wanted to ask what do i have to do to get admitted to KEMU? The main issue for me is the equivalence of marks. Even if i get 3As in a levels that still would keep me at poles apart from students getting 980+ marks in fsc.(Osama Babar)

A:This article will hopefully help you out. If you still have queries, let us know and we'll provide you with more information. 

Q5 How to tackle your confidence during the test? As u don't know the exact answer of the question as u have to use your concepts very sharp right that moment I got confused last year and also couldn't manage the time so kindly tell and from where to prepare the physics numerical? (Ayyan Chaudhaury)

A: To tackle your confidence you need lots and lots of practice and also faith. Pray really really hard and in every prayer keep reminding yourself that this is going to end well and the outcome shall be the best for you. Divide your study hours in two portions. One for the studying of books and syllabus and other for sheer practice of MCQs. The more you practice solving MCQs in the allocated time, the more habitual your brain will become in surfacing the concept on just a glimpse of the question. Keep a chocolate with you to help with your nerves. And remember messing it up by nervous breakdown is not going to help in anyway so keep yourself together. Thousands of students survive the MCAT every year, so can you!

To prepare physics numericals you can use any good guide like that of Azeem Academy or KIPS. Also ask your physics teacher for help.

Q6:I am an fsc student I want to get my name in top 10 in kemu list
my question is that how should I study in fsc that i can get admission in kemu
how many hours ,which subject? (Adan Fatima)

A: Here give these a read:
  1.  FSc Premedical Guide - How to fly high..
  2. Enduring the pre-med years 
  3. Guide to FSc & MCAT
  4. How to score high in FSc? Is Cramming the answer?
  5. Study tips for FSc 2nd Year
  6. Use of Guide Books

Q7: Is joining any academy requisite or you can do it on your own?
Can we study from other books besides textbooks? (Hassan)

A: well, joining an academy is not necessary if you think you have a proper teaching system in your college. Since you belong to Punjab College, I think you do not need an academy because the teachers there try their best to help students score in FSc. Their test sessions are good enough. Just make sure that you are satisfied with your performance in the tests and also do study daily in the time you save by not going to any academy.
You can study from other books along with your text books, yes. Especially when you want to add more steps to physics/chemistry long questions. In fact you do need to open other books for islamiat/urdu/pak studies/english preparations. But DO NOT ignore your text books. The paper is going to be made from your text book so make sure you know what is written in there and follow the text books as your primary choice.

Q8:The question may sound Stupid but i have an issue regarding the mcat bio syllabus which no one has the answer to. Topic 5 (kingdom plantae and animals) there is nothing mentioned in the learning objectives about kingdom plants. Does that mean that I don't need to read that horrible chapter or unfortunately, prepare all of it? (Asad Shahbaz)

1. No question is stupid 
2. In chemistry and physics one needs to see the relevant chapters for concepts but there is no such need biology so you can leave the plant chapter. Focus on the rest of the syllabus

To submit more queries: [AsK]emunited: MCAT Q&A Session

Do visit our PreMedical Section: http://www.kemunited.com/p/premed.html

-Unsa Athar


  1. Do i need to learn 15-16 synonyms for each word mentioned in UHS syllabus from KIPS vocab book new edition or is it ok to learn just 4-5 words from the past years' MCAT KIPS english book?
    N i came through a site today that says we ha e to learn Chem part1 whole book whereas our teachers have advised us to stick to the learning putcomes in UHS syllabus. What wpuld you say? 😕

  2. try learning 6-8 of them if you can. Focus on the new words that you didn't know the meaning of or the synonyms that signify another meaning of the word.
    Focus on UHS syllabus I would say.


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