College Friends are Forever

Before you and I came to college, I’m sure we all must have heard this famous quote:

“The friends you make in college are the friends you’ll have for life, even if you don’t talk for years at a time”


As time passes, things change and people change. Friends come and friends go, but best friends stay, always!

You share your memories with them, you support each other’s back, you experience every other moment of your college life with them.........
Good friends don't let you do stupid things........ALONE......:")


"Class may lecture say pehlay desk bajana, gaanay gana, throwing paper balls on each other’s faces, become busted and undergo the process of ‘bisti-ness’ TOGETHER,(whether it be a verbal ‘bisti’ or being kicked out of class) :’D
Canteen may ek dusray say cheen k khana ( be it then even the thing you won't ever spend your money on.... :p)
Pull dangerous stunts together ;) and what not….."


You are a total idiot with your friends but you know what, you’re Only yourself with them…. That is what makes your friendship so special…..

If anyone knows the real you, with all your flaws and imperfections it’s your friends, and you are totally OKAY with it because you know they love you the way you are......

In a nut shell,they know how CRAZY you are and still choose to be seen with you in public, ;”)


Friends are completely honest with you, they won’t hesitate to tell if you are wrong, because they care for you and don’t want you to get in any trouble, not alone at least ;)

You have your own internal jokes, how stupid may it be,:p

You literally LAUGH OUT LOUD with them:

This is when you get amused by a joke online or watch a show on tv..........

This is when you see your sibling getting scolded by 
parents…….. Especially on something you did….. :)

And this is when you laugh your guts out when you are with your buddies….. :”)


You are happy at each other’s success

And you are NOT sad on their failure in fact you are like….

“Yar fail ho gai…. Aww…. TREAT TREAT TREAT…..” :p


You are ever ready for selfies and weird poses especially to keep heart of your “Selfie –Syndromized” friend :D even if you are in your ugliest of the shapes……

Yes,you can talk for hours and not get bored.

At the same time, you can share comfortable silences with them…..

Just each other’s presence is good enough for you to communicate everything that you ever needed to say.

You know each other’s secrets, family stories and life events….


Sometimes you fight, quarrel and say things that you don’t mean.

At times fights get ugly, but irrespective of what has been said, you value your own friendship over the drama!

Because you do know how to Forgive, Forget And Move On.

When you feel alone or nervous before a BIG day, they support you and believe in you when you no longer believe in yourself.

They’re the ones who comfort you when everything feels like it’s falling apart, and they help you laugh through all the challenges life throws at you. 

We are a little WEIRD,

And life's weird,

And when we find someone who’s weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them,

And fall in mutual WIERDNESS,

And call it friendship….

Sometimes we will never know the true value of a MOMENT until it becomes a MEMORY...

So have fun, make memories and tag your friends with whom you share your memories....


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