Let's Bring Happy Back! 10 Easy Hacks that will make your life better.

                  by Larabe Farrukh Chaudry

So how many of you are getting summer blues again? Wondering how out of control and haphazard everything is. Worried about what is to become of your life and your career. Afraid whether your prof’s result will turn out good or bad. Confused about the field you might want to specialize in. Nervous that you are still single while all your friends are getting married.

Lets just forget about it, all of it for 5 minutes and ask yourself, are you happy right now?

Most people while moving ahead or better say moving on in their lives forget what happiness is.
My happiness may be different from yours, our worries may not fall into the same category but we're all the same in our pursuit for happiness. Each one of us is struggling everyday for a better, "happier" future, while ignoring what they have today. Let us change that, and learn to live in the moment.

Here’s a list of the things you could do in order to revive yourself when you’re feeling low or depressed during the upcoming days, things that might help some of you get back on track when things get rough.

1. Talk to your family and friends

Sometimes sharing your troubles and anxieties with your close ones makes you feel better about yourself and helps lessen your commotions and struggles. Surround yourself with people who could help you on your path. Trust me, sharing can do wonders.


2. Exercise frequently

This may sound a bit out of context but exercise helps boost our immune system and release " happy hormones" , which may actually uplift your mood and make you feel more active and positive about life.

3. Go on a vacation

Nothing beats the blues like a good old trip with your family and friends. If you don’t have time for that at least squeeze out a couple of hours from your busy schedule and plan a little hangout with your mates. You’ll feel like a new person.


4.Learn to love yourself

You do not have to be who you are today, try working on yourself to become who you want to be. Try dismissing the negativity and channel your energies in the positive direction.


5. Avoid slacking around

Set little goals for everyday and try achieving them. A sense of accomplishment makes you feel more productive and elated.


6. Read a good book

After you are done with the day, grab a good read and immerse yourself in it. It is one of the simplest hacks for providing a tranquil environment and cutting down on the negativity.

7. Learn something new

Do not limit yourself to what you know already. New experiences and new skills help you grow as a person. Having a well-rounded life makes you feel more buoyant and confident. High time to find yourself a good hobby.

8. Stop comparing yourself

Comparison is a thief of joy. Everyone has their gifts and talents, success and failures. You are unique and rare. Discover yourself instead of putting down a comparison.

9. Be grateful

Turn you thinking around and start counting your blessings. Look around and instead of complaining try helping those less fortunate than you, this will bring you both a sense of bliss and gratitude.


10. Take a spiritual course

Offering you salahs and saying little prayers will bring you a sense of constant well being and contentment. This will put an end to all our perplexities and will help you harmonize your inner self.



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