Chutyan khatam….. nahiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii….. !!

Too dramatic isn’t it….. ;)
But seriously……….. at this very moment everybody;s thinking the same……..
“vacations… why you end so sooooon!!!”

Well shouting out loud does help, it lets all the frustrations out.
But the reality won’t change because we need to realize that complaining is not going to do anything.
The only things that console us are the good times we had at home especially the round the clock “blissful sleep”.

We think
“Vacations ka THE END means life ka THE END”.

Remember that it isn't as bad as we think it is. We'll have friends/coworkers to talk to, and We'll have some routine again.
Think about the fact that we’ll be back to the "real" world. We are medical students and we should focus on that. (ok I know it feels terrible even reading this, trust me we have mutual feelings, coz it feels like killing yourself right now coz our heart  aches thinking about going back to school) But this is not going to help anyone.
Think about meeting friends and the fun we’ll have chasing after each other (and not the post-vacation tests).

The most difficult role here is of the hostellites. They have to leave their families and homes again which makes it really depressing. Sometimes it gets difficult to get over the fact that we’ll miss our Families a lot, especially “Maa ki god may sona, Papa say ladyan krna and the FIGHTS with the siblings” and when we whine about it in front of our friends they try to be cool (in my case) and we get to hear taunts like, “grow up, bachy he rehna tum, baray ho jau ab”

 But Yes, then they console us too because as I told you before, ”mutual feelings”.
"mil k rotay hain" :")

In a nut shell, I know it's not fair that we Medical students get only a one-month-vacations but we really don't need to cry over it. Rather we should start remembering how to do our work again !! 

You and I need to be strong especially the "Freshmen". Don't take studies as burden yet, beacuse the "the time which-should-not-be-named" is yet to come.
Seeing statuses on FB like:

well that is a hell of a problem.
So start packing folks!!

It’s not the end of the world just vacations ka THE END !!

Take it easy, take care of yourselves and all the best. !!


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