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It is Summer, Ramazan and a lot of time to enjoy movies and TV shows. If you’re not a theeta, that is. Unlike many of my classmates, I’ve been watching quite a lot of movies, my target ones having a 7+ rating on IMDb. But since I ran out of the quality movies to watch, I decided to return to the beautiful realm of watching TV shows on a binge. Star World offers many quality shows from both the past and the present and offers quite a diverse collection from many American TV Channels like ABC, CW, NBC, etc. but it does not quite have the charm of streaming or downloading the shows. So far, I have seen a lot of quality shows online and I thought I should let you guys know which ones to watch first while delving into a world of amazing television. Let’s begin!

1. Marvel’s Daredevil

Starring: Charlie Cox, Vincent D’onforio, Deborah Ann Woll, Elden Henson and Rosario Dawson among others.

IMDb Rating: 9/10

This shows is on top of all of my TV show lists, mainly because IT IS AWESOME! Really. It is great acting, great story, great action sequences and one hell of a villain. Staring Charlie Cox as the titular Daredevil, our street-level superhero who does not possess vision but does possess heightened senses that compensate for the lack of his eyesight. This blind superhero absolutely kicks ass at fighting the bad guys, not only on the streets but also in the court rooms, because tadaa! He is a lawyer by profession! That means fighting for justice during day and becoming an amazing vigilante by night! Vincent D’Onforio plays Kingpin, the baddie, with absolute grace and boy, what a performance by him! Other characters include Deborah Ann Woll as Karen Page, Elden Henson as Foggy Nelson and Rosario Dawson as Claire.


Marvel surely has the upper hand on DC Comics in the cinematic universe aspect, but the awesome DC shows like Arrow and The Flash have had an upper hand over the decent Marvel shows like Agents of SHIELD and Agent Carter. With Daredevil, Marvel shows us what it is capable of when it comes to producing great superhero TV shows. Daredevil, unlike its 2003 movie starring Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner (who recently got divorced, by the way) is gritty, dark, bloody, emotional and everything the Marvel movies have not come close to yet. I am a huge fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and nothing is better than the Avengers ensemble, but Daredevil is an unknown character! Marvel has taken a character that we, the non-comic book readers, know nothing about and has turned that into an amazing hero that we care about! And that is the real achievement of Marvel. Watch out The Arrow and The Flash, you’ve got some serious competition here.

Bottomline: Do yourself a favor. Watch this show. I repeat, do NOT miss this. I give it a 9 out of 10.

Where to catch it: Since this show is a Netflix original, you’re not going to catch it on television. Stream it on Putlocker or download it if you want to.
2. Bob’s Burgers


Starring (Voices Of): H. Jon Benjamin, Dan Mintz, Eugene Mirman, John Roberts, Kristen Schaal and Larry Murphy among others.

IMDb Rating: 8.1/10

The Simpsons has been the best animated show for me, up until I saw Bob’s Burgers. This show is hilarious and has the best characters in any animated show I’ve ever seen. The best part about the show is its realism in describing hilarious problems and situations of daily life and it is this grounded approach to an animated show that I love the most.

Coming to the characters, the show features the family of 5 featuring Bob, Linda and their three hilarious children, Tina, Gene and Louise, the setting of the show being Bob’s Burgers, a burger shop owned by Bob Belcher. The kids get into trouble quite often, Bob has a rivalry with the across-the-street pizzeria owner, whose son Jimmy Pesto is the center of affection for Bob’s teenage daughter Tina. While all the characters have their moments, Tina is the best character with the most hilarious of all moments. Louise is a sharp kid with snarky plans and Gene is a funny little guy who loves to play his piano. Add to the mix a food inspector, a plumber and a land-lord and you’ve got yourselves a winner. 

Bottomline: This is one hilarious show with great voice acting. I’d highly recommend watching it if you’re a fan of The Simpsons or Family Guy, because this is undoubtedly funnier than the both of them. I give it an 8.5 out of 10.

Where to catch it: Not airing on any network in Pakistan. You’ll have to stream it online on Putlocker, or download it. Whatever floats your boat.

3. American Horror Story

Starring: Jessica Lange, Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters, Connie Britton, Dylan McDermott, Denis O’Hare and Emma Roberts among others.

IMDb Rating: 8.4/10

Horror and television usually don’t go hand in hand. That is true, until you talk about American Horror Story. It is a show that will deliver a lot of good scares with particular ease. Since this show is an Anthology Series, that is the story changes every season and the characters come and go. But a few of the actors like Jessica Lange, Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters come every season donning different roles. The acting is phenomenal, because even during binge watching you don’t get tired of seeing the same faces over and over because the actors do such a good job of portraying different characters each season. A special mention is Jessica Lange, whose acting really makes the show a treat to watch.


Season 1 deals with a family moving into a horror house; Season 2 deals with an insane asylum which has some extremely dark secrets and is a horror house in its own right; Season 3 deals with a young girl who, after discovering that she’s a witch, is sent to become a part of a witch coven, Season 4 deals with a circus full of freaky performers. The upcoming Season 5 is based on a hotel and will star Lady Gaga, so that’s going to be interesting. Personally, I found that all 3 seasons that I’ve watched so far have been equally good, but interms of breaking the bounds of traditional horror, I’d prefer American Horror Story: Coven (Season 3).

Bottomline: Who doesn’t like horror?! Watch it for the great performances and some seriously good story lines. The fact that it manages to mould the same actors into different characters every season should be enough to compel you. I’d give it an 8.8 out of 10.

Where to catch it: Stream it online on putlocker or download it since it is not being aired currently on any channel except FX India.

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