Guide to 1st Year Professional Exam and Send Ups

By Kainat Zaffar Laghari

So finally the prep time is here , the toughest part of the year is going to start rather has started .its not an impossible job to cope it actually you can do it . I Am not a distinction holder or a very intelligent person but I am a survivor :D would like to share some tips
Here am gonna tell u about all the subjects one by one ,the time division and the stuff you are supposed to know . happy reading ☺


Its not advisable to give histo 3,4 days separately even in prof preps , its comparatively an easy nut to crack .
In SEND UPS preps divide the topics and do a diagram daily practice it and do the theory from Laiq . so you ll be getting it done in 20-25 days maximum
Imp topics : Do past papers and mark the questions on ur book or write them on front page . histological digarams of C.T and lymphoid orangs are particularly important
General Anatomy :
Again its an easy one . do follow Ghulam ahmad for GA . Mostly the questions come from there and are imp ones and do consult past papers for that .time given should not be more than one day
Imp topics :
Deep fascia , classification of bones , parts of dev bones , blood supply of bones, rule of direction of nutrient foramen ,cartilage and ITS TYPES , class of muscles ,func of muscles , classi of skel muscles ,synovial bursae , tendo syn sheath formation , classification of joints, movement of joints , blood supply of synovial joints ,factors stabilizing syn joints ,anastomosis and its types , class of nervous system , SPINAL NERVE FORMATION , steps of ossification , factors affecting bone growth
It’s the general embryology included in ur syllabus . syllabus consists of chap#1 – 7 and chapter #20 . chap 1 is almost nothing so it makes a sum of total 7 chapters . try to practice as many diagrams as possible  even if u fail to write theory (GOD FORBIDS :P) making a diagram will surely get you some marks. Follow KLM
Imp topics:
Chap#2 : spermatogenesis , ovarian cycle , endometrial cycle , fertilization , ART
Chap#3: implantation , gestational sac dev/chorionic sac development
Chap #4: Diff btw pri , sec and tertiary villi , notochordal process and notochord dev , neurulation , derivatives of neural crest cells , somites dev
Chap#5 : foldings and diagrams rel to it , germ layer derivatives are mostly asked in viva , diagram # 5.5 Damn important for both viva and mcqs , seqs
Chap#6: all the processes are imp
Chap 7: placenta dev and its functions , amniotic fluid and its functions v important , multiple pregnancies onwards whole chap is imp
Chap#20 : All the blue boxes do them and tables # 20.3 , 20.4 , 20.6  and tables # 20.3 , 20.4 , 20.6  and tables # 20.3 , 20.4 , 20.6
Gross Anatomy :
THORAX : Go for the thorax first do it in max 3,4 days for the first time in preps For send ups , later in profs prep don’t spend more than 2 days on it . try to do clinicals from klm for the first time and write them on ur books so during profs prep it wont take much time
UPPER LIMB & LOWER LIMB : Give at least 4,5 days each while preparing for send ups . gross is volatile so do it in the end .
Imp topics : consult past papers


CELL : do it simply from firdous or mini (homeostasis is imp)
N&M : 3 days for it . read it whole for concept but then u can rely on imp topics if u r short of time like u r now a days :
imp topics : diffusion and its types , diff btw primary and sec active transport , RMP , active membrane potential and its GRAPH , pleatu graph n its reason ,general mech of muscle contraction , sources of energy for muscle contraction ,rigor mortis ,  muscle ACTION POTENTIAL , RIGOR MORTIS , excitation contraction coupling , types of smooth muscle , comparison skel and smooth muscle contraction .
HEART : its quite important and one day in send ups prep is enough for it actually
Imp topics :action potential of cardiac muscle , CARDIAC CYCLE , rhythmical excitation of heart , normal ecg ,einthoven’s triangle , current of injury , ALL ARRHYTHMIAS .
CIRCULATION : 2-3 days max should be given . since its quite lengthy so you can do important units from guyton and give a read to whole of it from firdous specially when u r short of time
Imp units : 24 , 23 , 22 ,  ischemic heart diseases ,  19,20 , long and short term regulation of arterial BP
BLOOD: it’s a real important unit . everytime u get a LEQ from there . do it whole but still am gonna some important topics from past papers
Imp : steps of RBC synthesis , role of kidney in erythropoietin synthesis , anemias , polycythemia , reticuloendothelial system , inflammation and its steps , types of immunity , nature of antibodies , complement system , types of T cells and their functions , steps of hemostasis , pathways for clotting , factors preventing blood coagulation in body ,thrombocytopenia
RESPIRATORY SYSTEM : 2 days are enough . concentrate ts graphs particularly
Imp topics :compliance and its diagrams and factors affecting it ,  spirometry and definitions of all the terms used in it like capacities and volumes they are asked in mcqs , pressures in pulmonary systems , zones of blood flow , effect of exercise , pulmonary capillary dynamics , edema , pleural effusion , repiratory membrane , factors affecting gas exchange (diffusion) , effect of the ventilation perfusion ratio on alveolar gas conc (v imp),transport of CO2 in blood , dissociation curves ,regulation of resp in exercise , factors affectinf respiration , WHOLE PATHOPHYSIOLOGY
DEEP SEA AND AVIATION : read it from mini .  only important topic most likely to come is DECOMPRESSON SYNDROME
(For biochemistry wait for my next blog )

Best of Luck ☺


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