The Experiences of a Firstulla during the first 2 weeks as a KEMColian

Hassaan Wajid 1st year 
(batch 2020)

For all of us being a KEMColian was a dream.We all wished to be in an institution ranked among the top institutions in the country,and that day finally came.There were appreciations from all around like “Kamal kar dia beta!Wah g wah!KE mein admission” and we were feeling like we’ve achieved everything we could in this world.Summarizing the preface,we started our medical school at KEMU.

 The Orientation Week

The Orientation Week was great regarding providing us information about different departments and the Mayo Hospital itself.Though the psychiatry lectures were boring but we had a good time.It was a splendid experience roaming in the hospital and seeing the places we are going to work and the kind of people we are going to face in our future careers.

 The University building

The University building was of course an excellent visual representation of the antique masonry that was present in the pre-independence days.Particularly,the Patiala block and the large ground accompanying it were indeed a definition of beauty and uniqueness.The rest of the buildings were rusting(but were being renovated of course) and we were like “Yaar ye university se zyada museum lagta hai.”
         The Hostel-the ultimate home of ragging and friendship

Despite a lot of strictness,there has been ragging and there will be ragging.It was to some extent difficult at the beginning but once you get adapted,it is no more a hectic task.We found certain advantages of it too,as the seniors became friendly afterwards and started guiding about how to manage in the hostel.So,personally it did not that bad a thing as we used to suppose.The hostel seems like a brotherhood and makes you feel at home.


      The Modular System
The module system is a modern way of teaching which is followed in the international institutes but in KE we found ourselves unable adapting to it.There are certain reasons for it.Firstly,although the teachers are good,the lecture duration is quite long,long enough to make you fall asleep. :P and secondly we are not given any specific time for questioning following our curiosities.So,it maybe a great system but we find it unworkable here since we will have to appear in the professional exam too.Studying here also seems to be like a “Give more and take less” policy.But still KEMU is the place which is going to give us a lot in our next 5 years of life.We are going to learn many important life lessons here.
Vive les KEMColians (Long live the KEMColians) ☺



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