3rd Year Practical Guide for pharma, forensic, pathology (by Ayesha Irfan, batch 2017)

Before I start with the details I highly recommend having a system for the vivas. Make whatsapp groups of every single batch (A and B ka ikatha cuz alternate days pe hai) and then one person from tht group can send the stuff to one of the persons of next batch to be shared in the next group n so on.

As for advice during the year, do try and complete the copies saath saath.
Things to be remember during the year

  1. Dont get the entire copy checked by sir najam at the end, cuz sir fawad literally flips through the practicals and checks the signatures.
  2. If possible make videos of the 2nd copy walay pracs so u know how to perform it.
  1. for a revision class pehle kisi teacher ko inform krdena so that it actually gets arranged (preferably before the writtens, cuz we had 2 days in between n tb bilkul time ni tha)
  2. Also make sure u have covered all the practicals. We were never shown the agars in the entire year -_-
Forensic :
  1. Take a few rounds of the forensic museum with a friend well before the exams so tht end pe u arent stuck guessing stuff from pictures. And if there are confusions (some of the stuff might be labelled incorrectly) ask a teacher! End pe pagal honay se behtar ae :P

#Professional :P 
I'm not sure if the viva pattern for patho will be the same next year but this year we had patho major and minor viva the same day. 2 days after the written. 
So things you need to know abt the patho copy,
  1. You dont need to learn to draw all the histo drawings made in the copy. you should however be able to identify the slides for the ospe.
  2. The practicals from the notebook you need to learn:
                 -gram staining and ZN staining
                 -urine and stool examination

As for the practical pattern,
  1. Ospe
Histopath- slides and specimens
Hematology- PBS and apparatus
Micro- agars
  1. Gram and ZN staining
  1. Urine slide draw krni and a viva related to it as well.
There are 20 stations in OSPE, you have about a minute for each spot in which you have to identify as well as write two id points.
Urine and staining k viva k lye i highly recommend reading the 3-4 pages of monica (no, not the F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Monica, this monica is a practical book for pathology), vivas se pehle get them copied u really dont need to buy the entire book, (kisi senior se book le lena) usme se sirf yae 2-3 pracs krne hain. As for agars ospe me u just have to identify them but for the viva u can do them from shamim (the compositions )

In ospe beware when u reach spot number 20 and its not ur 20th one XD aik end of the lab se other end pe jana :p and u still have one minute to identify and write the ID points, the run to the first spot is a long one so run like wind XD)

Now u get to write the gram staining and ZN staining aik hi sheet milay gi and by that I mean 2 leafs/ 4 pages - uspe hi dono likhnay hain, u have to write them in steps (not in paragraph form) and procedure e likhna hai bs saath diagram draw krni ( so take ur H and E pencils and a blue colour pencil with u)
Also AFBs are smaller than gram negatives tou uski proportion sae rakhna and spell Ziehl neelson staining correctly :p
Staining ka aik viva hota hai jo koe teacher e leta hai waha. Depending on the teacher they can ask you either about micro (bacteria k toxins enzymes etc) or the details of the staining procedure (Iodine ku use hoti in gram stain , usay mordant kehtay, decolourizer of ZN and gram me kia farq, acid fast ku kehtay , mycobac leprae ki staining me koe farq hota? Gram negative cocci n rods suna do)
And staining perform b krni hoti but wou koe teacher ni dekhta bs attendant e hotay they call u one by one and ja k slide stain krni oti which u take back to your station let it dry and focus under the microscope.

Then they give u a urine specimen. Usko focus krna hai, identify krna hai and draw krna hai on a sheet they give you. 
Its not really like 2nd yr ki slides draw krna for histo minor, the main thing is the viva. Sir aa k pehle poochain ge k kia nazar aya in slide n then waha se starts asking questions.
During this whole procedure wou 2, 2 kr k bulatay rehte hain for major viva, so apart from the major sleep deprivation and massive anxiety levels, it was nice to be able to come home and sleep and not worry about a major/minor the next day and having half a day for preparation.  

In short:
Ospe k lye in my opinion one drive walay folders are more than enough
ID points don't even matter just make sure k 2 points koe se b likh do they weren't even reading k kia likha (1 mark for every spot tha n bs wou yae dekh re thay k spot sae likha k ni)
Practicals me se learn gram and ZN by heart , guaranteed ana hai so achi tara se krlo
Take H and E pencils and blue pencil with u
Urine ka sirf viva tayyar krna
Gram staining ki sirf acting krni hai

20 marks ospe
10 marks ZN/gram staining (performance and viva)
10 marks Urine/stool analysis (performance and viva)
10 marks for writing the procedure of both the stainings
5 marks copy
total 55
The prac is basically an ospe
There are 11 stations with 1 resting table (on which you are not allowed to write anything :P ) every station has 4 min. the viva stations have 6 marks each and the other ones are 4 marks each.
  1. Copy 1 se aik calculation
  2. Copy 1 se aik aur calculation
  3. Prescription writing
  4. Conversions and abbreviations 4 each (inko ratta laga lena bs)
  5. ID (one lab app and one pharmacognosy ka specimen) lab app k uses krne and pharmacognosy shizz ka active principles and uses krne
  6. Biostatistics (learn all definitions with examples and significance, formulas and tables )
  7. CNS (learn all the tables and reasons of tongue protrusion child like cry etc) u have to draw the tables.
  8. Eye (learn the tables, aik table bna hota hai already uska drug identify krna hota and saath koe question hota causes of mydriasis etc ya drugs causing it)
  9. A teacher with frog’s heart wala apparatus all set up, this station is for viva
  10. A teacher with rabbit’s eye wala prac , again viva
  11. A teacher with rabbit’s ileum, viva
In short, the things you have learn from the copies:
From copy 1:
  1. Learn all the conversions and abbreviations by heart.
  2. The calculations of the 11 pracs (pencil pages) along with uses and directions of use.
  3. Prescription writing (you really want to start this some time before the prac and not keep it for the last day unless u have exceptional ratta skills )
From copy 2
  1. Read all the pracs carefully and discuss with friends if you have any confusions cuz u will be asked about the procedure and related questions. Especially sir fawad k questions are on previous kemunited blogs, do go through them with someone.
  2. Pharmacognosy me u need to learn the ID points and uses and active principles? (especially of the ones jinke specimens hain in the lab)
Marks: 4 marks for 8 stations
6 marks for 3 stations

5 marks for copy
total: 55
There will be a separate ospe for toxi and separate one for forensic on the respective days. From the copy, u don’t need to learn MLC and autopsies.
Toxi me u need to do analytical. Give the practicals a good read and learn all the principles and acid ether extracts etc.
In ospe there are 10 stations. Each carry 1.5 marks. U should be able to identify all:
  1. Specimens
  2. Slides
  3. Apparatus
You only have to give ID points if the question says so. Otherise they will ask some other question which might or might not be related to the thing you identified.
Now in toxi u cant limit yourself to the poisons available in the lab. They fill a flask with water write cyanide on it with a marker and ask its fatal dose :D so fatal doses sb ki yaad krni. And antidotes as well (the specific antidotes ) baqi questions are from toxi tht you already prepared for the viva.

You need to do biological and anatomy and radiology k pracs really well for this. Baqi museum specimens and biological ki hi slides and stuff. Questions are from forensic medicine. 
                                                                                Marks: 10 stations 1.5 marks each
so 15 marks for toxi, 15 for forensic medicine
5 marks for copy
total: 35


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