Experience of a Fledgling Medical Student

By Hafsa Amin
M.B.B.S First Year (2015-2020)

Newbie says hi. 

Being at King Edward is definitely a dream come true. Had anybody told me 3 months ago that I would get into KE, I would have told them to sod off. It felt so surreal when the list finally came and there was a slot with my name on it. I didn't believe it then, don't believe it now.

I distinctly remember one time someone mentioned KE and I was like, "Yeah sure, mere liye hi bethe hain woh." And now, it still pretty much feels like a dream.

Anyway, coming to the King Edward experience now. 

Firstly, thank you to all of the seniors who helped us, guided us, even ragged us. You guys made it so much more easier and being at KE already feels like being at home.
The staff is better than anybody can hope for (I just wish I could attend one of their lectures without dozing off in my seat, lol).
The Cell Module is keeps me guilty all day long for neglecting it. I guess it could have been better had I been able to digest the stuff that I was supposed to. (I mean the signalling pathways just went whoosh, right across my head.
Some of the lectures are so DEEP, that I almost drowned the other day ;_;) I will try to get my head around it some time soon (Maybe).

Meanwhile, all I am trying to do is get enough sleep, before lectures, during lectures, after lectures, at night, all the time, actually.

The worst things, I've already mentioned. 
The best thing, you asked? It's drinking doodh pati while looking at the gorgeous beast of a building, cradling a bunch of pigeons, and thinking that finally, you are a part of something bigger.

Cheers, and ALTAPETE !


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