Post Kashmir Day

By Hannan Zikrea
 (1st year M.B.B.S)

A day has passed since Kashmir Day. Yesterday, again while watching news I saw great processions being held and protests being made for showing our support to the innocent people of Jammu Kashmir. I have been seeing the same for many years now... But the question is what are we achieving by only making protests?
Let's be real...we aren't achieving much.
In my opinion, the major reason why we haven't been able to solve the issue of Kashmir is because of instability of Pakistan be it political or economical. On the other hand India has been stable economically and politically. According to some stats India's GDP growth (not total GDP) may surpass that of China in near future. That's why India has been the center of interest of global powers in this region. And every time we raise this issue our voice is suppressed.
So, for making Pakistan heard internationally we must improve the current image of Pakistan from "Terrorist Country" to "Economic Hub" of South Asia. Once the interest of global powers lies with us I'm sure that our voice will be heard.
I will conclude by saying that along with these protests...On this day we should resolve to work earnestly and honestly for our country so that we make it a better place and then I believe that one day "the paradise" called Kashmir will be ours. (in sha Allah)


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