Research Guide for Noobs Phase 2- 4th Year Chronicles

By: Muahmmad Salik

Phase 2: Writing an Intro:-

*The introduction we submitted for our topic is attached at the end as an exhibit. Not the best example but a feasible one.

Introduction has 4 paragraphs:
1) Operational Definitions
2) International content on your topic- Literature review
3) National content on your topic- Literature review
4) Rationale
Everything is written as a reference from the researches already done. You read a research from say Pubmed, you find something relevant to your topic, you add it in your intro and put a superscript like this “1” (by selecting the number and pressing Ctrl+Shift+=) and then you move on and repeat the same till you finish the 500 words intro.

Let’s discuss all the headings one by one.

1.       Operational definitions are the definitions required in your topic. For example our topic was: Determinants of Uncorrected refractive errors in all classes of KEMU. In this we had to define all the refractive errors in the first paragraph i.e. Myopia, Hyperopia, Astigmatism and Presbyopia.
2.       The second para is written from International literature related to your topic. It generally includes the work that has been done in the international community.
3.       Same as above, the only difference is that here you write about the work done in Pakistan. How to find such work? Just write the key words of your topic and then add “in Pakistan” after it in google, you’ll most probably find relevant national articles.
4.       Lastly you need to write the rationale. Here you give the reason as to why you want to do the research and what the purpose is behind it. You should also mention what you will achieve from doing this research.

VANCOVER REFRENCE STYLE: The department makes a great fuss about it and it seems like a big deal but there is no need to sweat it. Just open up the website: and you’re good to go. Definitely check it out, it makes your life so easy. (if you can't find it, there are a lot of other sites like this one.)


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