“So what’s the plan now”, asked Ali, the youngest one in the room. They were all gathered here to conduct their yearly meeting, something they had been doing for quite some years now. After every sitting, a plan was made, to show their strength, to prove their mettle to their oppressors..
In response their leader, Abdul Ghani looked around in the room while subconsciously rubbing his beard. Their number had fallen considerably over the years. Many of them had been killed by the enemy, some captured. They all knew the risk, yet every year they huddled around in this room. In the beginning Ghani had his doubts. In the early years, he would prepare himself before every meeting, to find an empty room. But it never happened. The only ones who would not show up were either martyred, injured or captured. The rest were there every year no matter what sort of restrictions were forced upon them by the ruling government.
“My brothers, the plan like every other year, is to show the world what we really want. We will tell them which flag we’ll call ours and which one we’ll hate with all of our being. In the battle of right and wrong, right always wins, HAQ always conquers the BATIL..” Abdul Ghani said in a quiet yet very effective voice. He had this amazing ability to move people by his words. Their plan was quite simple. Everyone would bring as many people as possible and together they will move forwards.
It was the bright morning of 14th august when Ghani along with his men marched onto the main road of their town. The whole area was under strict martial law. There were dozens of green flags fluttering in their procession. The Indian army was already prepared to stop them. The moment they saw the huge procession, they charged towards it. Abdul Ghani looked at his people. Nobody was armed. They were holding huge Pakistani flags and raising slogans, Naar e takbeer… Allah hu Akbar. Everyone was brimming with passion and patriotism. Then he looked at the opponent army. Their troopers carried big modern rifles and bullet proof screens. Some even had rocket launchers. A tear escaped from his eye as he smiled with satisfaction. His people had already won this war.

Every year thousands of Kashmiris are killed by the Indian army for waving green and white flags and wanting to be called Pakistani. But this doesn’t stop them from coming out of their homes on 14th August to celebrate the ‘independence day’. May Allah accept their sacrifice and soon grant them freedom.
(Ahmad Jalil)


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