Struggles of people who wear glasses

When something is a necessity as well as equally annoying, what do you call that??
Well, like me myself, can understand this love-hate relationship and can totally relate it to the feeling of wearing glasses :D
And for those who often ask,"No, We dont feel like HARRY POTTER at all !!"
Well here are a few struggles people who wear glasses have to go through almost daily!!

Mother Nature!!
Well, mother nature is not our friendThe fog that happens when you drink hot beverages, or when you’re cooking, or basically any time there is a big change in temperature 

and the tiny rain droplets are so annoying that you actually feel like the need to have those wiper thingies attached to the side of your glasses. and how can one forget when oil from the pan splatters and hits your glasses and makes them dirty.

Losing your glasses
And you lose your glasses every now and then because you actually cant see without your glasses where you’ve put them…. See the struggle.

People burrowing your glasses:
The thing burrowed mostly from us is our glasses. And it’s not because they think its cool, its because they actually want to see  whether they look cuter or equally nerdy…...
And you end up saying:

"Yes, I am blind. And no, you do not look cute with my

 glasses on. Please give them back so I can see; they are 

not your toy."

And When your friends steal your glasses:

Just to blackmail you or trade something from you in exchange for your glasses.

Eyeliner… why even bother!!
So you get up early for a special day and take a whole hour to wear an eyeliner, struggling it to adjust it right and then…. you wear glasses on it… wohalla, no difference, the glasses hid up your precious work of “eye-art” and no one even notices,

Helloo!!? They're just two pieces of glass for heaven's sake, and glass is CLEAR!
Pphhff... why do we even bother !!

Even worse:Trying to put on makeup while blind:

"I really tried to look cute, but I couldn't see what I was 



Lying down:
Snuggling down in front of the television should be a 

comfortable experience, right?

 Not when the leg of your glasses is protruding into your face. OW!!

Nose mark:
You get this little mark on your nose when you have to continuously wear your glasses, and trust me, this aint any beauty mark rather this hideous little mark becomes a constant part of your skin and will ruin the every selfie you take with your glasses

Backhanded compliments
“Oh , you look way prettier without your glasses!!”
Yup this fabricated compliment confuses you up because you can’t figure out how to react. Whether you should be happy about it or grief over it and then you feel like saying,
 “Oh you look way prettier without that lipstick on but Hey, you ain’t stuck with it for your LIFE!!”

"four eyes", "chashmish", "dadi ama" "ainak wala jin"... yeah kep it comin... :")

Wearing 3D glasses:
There’s nothing funny about going to a cinema to watch a 3D movie unless…. You wear glasses. Yup, wearing 3D glasses over your glasses makes you look no less than a "retarded astronaut" yup this suits the description perfectly.

The annoying adjustments:
Sometimes you get pain in your temples when you wear your glasses for too long. And when you try loosening it up so as to fit your face but you end up getting a glasses that slides off of your nose bridge every second. And the most annoying thing is that you have to readjust your glasses every two minutes.

Mufti mushwaray:

"you will totally rock in contacts"

People constantly keep telling you to just wear contacts, as if it’s no big deal to just stick something INTO YOUR EYE.

You have limited peripheral vision wearing glasses.

You can only see what is in the squares of your lenses, and those don't move with your eyes as you look up and down and your frames block your side views

For normal people, sunglasses is a cool summer accessory. For people with glasses, it’s something out of reach. Because for us the “kewlness” of our own glasses is so awesome in itself that we even learn to ignore the irritating ringlets of sunlight our eyes have to face.


People with glasses are considered to be actually pretty smart. They mostly know everything and that’s why end up being named as nerds. Well even if they don’t know much, a little pretending makes them look like “miss-know-all”

But despite the struggles, you know that, in the end, wearing glasses makes you totally amazing.


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