23rd UET All Pakistan Debating Championship

In the parliamentary debates at 23rd UET All Pakistan Debating Championship, held between 15th and 18th April 2016, KEMU made it to the semifinals and quarterfinals of both english and urdu categories.

In Urdu parliamentary, KE-A (Ali Naveed and Jamal Awan); KE-B (Mahrukh Safdar and Zara Zahid) qualified for the semifinals after victories over many veteran teams in the initial rounds and quarter final. They put up a great show in semi finals and missed finals break by a close margin.

In the English category, KE-A (Izza Bazigh and Kanza Noor) and KE-C (Sumbul Liaqat and Dua Noor) made it to the quarter finals, which was big given that these speakers were making a return to parliamentary debates after a long absence from the circuit.

Congratulations guys!


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