BY MAHAM WAQAR (Batch 2013-18)

1-Searching for water in the washrooms when u wake up late in the morning as usual  and realize u have only 15 minutes to get ready while the "deadly pharma "awaits as the very first lecture of the day . In this crucial time, searching for the washroom "jahan paani araha ho" becomes a life-saving struggle for every hostelite. From one floor to another, and sometimes  from one block to the next, we run asking each passerby " wahan paani aaraha hai?"

2- Searching for "safai and bartan waali aunties":
"Aunty hamare room ki bhi safai ker dain". " aj phir bartanon waali aunty nahi ain" are the commonly heard cries of the innocent girls hostelites throughout the year and getting some aunty do all your work seems like a big achievement..

3- Getting the desired room in allotment:
Never irritate a girl on the day of her hostel allotment. I repeat never irritate her. She has the power to bang your head in the wall and split it into pieces.... well on the day of hostel allotment,the corridor in front of sheharyar's office . (Sheharyar is our hostel administrator), becomes the battlefield with girls fighting over the demanded rooms , roommates and groups...meanwhile when you get your favorite room allotted :

4- Getting a roti after waiting for a long time in a queue:
Coming back from university , when hunger fills your stomach to an extent that you literally want to eat anything that comes in your way, you see a long long queue of girls standing and waiting in front of tandoor. Waiting, waiting and waiting .tick tick tick tick...Yes finally your turn comes and the hot , fresh , delicious roti reaches your hands and you feel you have conquered the world.

5- acquiring the  superpowers of waking up at 7:45 and reaching the door of lecture theater at 8:00 . How?.well  that needs practice , practice and more practice

6-satisfying your appetite with maggi noodles when you wake up late for dinner and come to know dinner in mess has ended.Sometimes one thinks"dunya main maggi noodles na hotin tu kia hota"

.7-- Getting the matching stole with your dress in the morning:
"Yar ye match ker raha hai? " no... goes in the next room: kissi k paas pink stole hai?. "Yar agle room main pata ker lo". Story of every girl, every morning...

8- learning to live with the fact that if you don't get back one out of ten clothes that you put on the railing for drying it is normal. No need to panic over it..

9-Bearing the light of the room when you want to sleep:
BEFORE coming to K.E when a seniour asked me "light main neend ajati hai?." And I replied:"light main kis ko neend aati hai?'..she said: " beta aadat daal lo". Phir yahan a k aadat ho hi gai. With 7 other people in your room with different timetables you have to bear the light of the room when u go to sleep.

10--Learning to study in the noise with earphones or earplugs :
Yes that's another struggle atleast  for people like me who were used to study in pin drop silence in their rooms.

11controlling your tears when you are really homesick and you can not go home because the long weekend is far away

12- cleaning your bag when one fine morning you  hear meow meow meow and realize its just another cat who gave birth to two more kittens in your bag..

13-accepting the bitter reality when you see your favorite shirt eaten away by the rats of the hostel which break into the rooms from some secret holes and  eat away anything that they see including your dry fruits,dry milk and even your clothes.

14-controlling your anger and frustration when you come all the way from 2nd floor to common room to watch your favorite drama and a senior changes the channel saying :'mujhe match dekhna hai'

15- cleaning the room from A to Z when a day scholar friend says ; 'I will be staying with you in your hostel room tomorrow.'

Well ,these were just some of the struggles of the girls living in KEMU old girls hostel
but believe me hostel life has its own charms.You have not experienced university life in the true sense if you have not lived in hostel,especially the KEMU OLD GIRLS HOSTEL.


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