FMH Lahore Debating Gala

Ladies and gentlemen! KEDS is very proud to announce that it has won the team trophy in Parliamentary debates at Lahore Debating Gala'16 at FMH medical college. Faizaan Asghar, Ayesha Javed and Hareem Farooq remained unbeatable throughout the event and were applauded and appreciated by their opponents also :D
The decision of the Final Round was Unanimously in Team KEMU's favour; moreover Hareem Farooq was adjudged as the Best speaker of the competition! 
We wish them many congratulations on this huge achievement! 
In declamation category, 
Hamza Tariq Tarar and Arsalan Ali Khan represented KEMU. Both of them were highly appreciated by the Judges and they missed the victory spot by a narrow margin! Next time IA boys  :D

 KEDS is very proud and honoured to be represented by such brilliant speakers!


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