KAPS '16 Round Up

Kemcolians' Arts and photography Society cabinet '16 continues touching the horizons of success by getting a startling Outset .
From sports week coverage to On spot competitions every event tells a story of its smash

Sports Week 2016 coverage

our brilliant photographers capture the stunning moments out of the 4 day Annual sports Gala . here are a few clicks :
3rd year flaunting "THE ROYAL RED"
GOOD-BYE ain't easy

The PURPLE Flare 

KAPS Photowalk 2016

Taking another step for the photography team of KEMU , KAPS arranged annual Photowalk in a remarkably unique way , the team of 60+ students was taken to Qaddafi stadium on university transport , where they took a ride on the famous double decker "SIGHTSEEING LAHORE" Bus to Badshahi mosque . it was an event worth enjoying for the photographers to quench the longing to capture the historic buildings all the way from Kalma Chok, Mall road to Walled city . young photographers took hundreds of photos , latter these photos were uploaded on KAPS official page as well (link below) . On return refreshments were also given ,

"Ready to capture Lahore"
photos on the page below :

KAPS on-spot arts and photography competition

so moving towards next event KAPS arranged successfully was on spot arts competitions in which theme "LA VITA E BELLA" was announced a night before event and participants were directed to make CARDS , POSTERS, PAINTINGS , SKETCHES to depict the theme . the annual event was a huge success in itself , from management to judgement everything went quite perfect .
here are a few highlights , to view more click the link in the end :
Life is beautiful 

Life is beautiful if you have friends

La Vita E Bella

a Success

Up coming Events

10th All Pak arts and photography Competition 

All pak Media Festival

In the end I would like to give a big round of applause for Mr. Umair Mazhar and Miss. Sana Ashar and their executive council for arranging these events successfully .


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