King Edward So Far

By Aimen Mansoor (Batch 2015-20)

Being a former KCite i was supposed to participate in many extracurricular activities, but in spite of it i enjoyed that time wandering on the beautiful grass and soothing my eyes with the glamour and beauty of Kinnaird. As soon as I took examination of FSc and started preparing for MCAT, I had the fear that I could never join K.E. This fear even dominated me last night before the test, but then ALLAH ALMIGHTY showered HIS blessings and I became officially a KEMCOLIAN. Yes, hard work bore fruit. Now this was the time for me to take part in as many non theeta things as I could. I was never this much of a bunker and I have never enjoyed being part of so many families. Yes ! All the societies appeared to be a family to me. KELS Urdu was the first platform where I showcased my talent with some 'TOOTI PHOOTI POETRY' that was then refined by the seniors in the society into a balanced one. And KEDS is bae *_*.  All societies of King Edward are the best. When I participated in the BIGGEST PLATFORM for the 1st time i.e. INTER KEMU DECLAMATION CONTEST I came to know that judges judge everything . I mean even the slightest smile on your face asking after debate
''Itna khush hone ki kia baat thi''

Besides I’m proud to raise slogans for the just rights of our seniors. As WE firstullas attended a protest too .

All firstullas were so eager are to attend all events and to be the part of these that they (not all. but 50% including me :D )literally had an attendance below 50%.

We all know this time is never gonna come again. All this waila pan is the best part of our initial MBBS and I’m really proud to be surrounded by a variety of people . Even those who stare at every one with the motto
"Bus iss khayal se bulandiyon pe arha hun me
Shayad yahan, shayad yahan, shayad yahan ho tum”

KE is enriched with every kind of makhlooq. You enjoy its "under construction areas'' with "'Ghatta Mitti'' occupying your shoes... its DH seeming to be a ''bhoot bangla” after 3. Its Physio and Biochem depts. are being constructed and shifted to OLD AUDITORIUM and having the most beautiful place, where we are supposed to give horrible tests '' NEW AUDITORIUM ''

We have experienced a lot but it’s just 0.12 % of our stay. A lot is ahead, so beware my talented batch :*

P.S : height of boriat :D and beauty of batch '20.


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