Pros and Cons of being a Theeta in Medical School

By Hassaan Wajid (2015-20)


1-You always stay ahead of the rest of the class and don’t get embarrassed whenever someone around you starts talking about some topic not recently taught in the class.

2-You get a sense of satisfaction whenever you see the list of topics for th  upcoming tests and heave a sigh of relief with “Sheesh!That’s pretty easy.”

3-You are a life saver during tests.I guess everyone of us can relate to this.None can be a better life saver than a theeta during a test. :D

4-You stimulate your friends to study.When they’ll see they are lagging behind,they’ll start studying themselves.

5-You get good grades and can do the practical job well if you have good concepts about a certain topic.Yes,it is true if you study taking good concepts instead of just cramming the stuff.


1-You miss the social part of your life.If you used to party hard,hangout with friends,enjoy life cheerfully but now everything seems to have disappeared then take my dear friend you have become the one we call a ‘Theeta’.

2-You maybe disliked by your roomies.Yes,it does happen.One of the things I personally experienced.If you stay up for studying till 2 in the morning,it may become uncomfortable for your roomies too.

3-You become a “Depressor” for the class.Whenever the teacher asks a question in the class that 99% can’t answer to but you see a hand raised, you know it’s a theeta and then you literally start saying to yourself “I get tired after studying continuously for 1-2 hours.How on earth can somebody study that much?”

4-Sometimes you start feeling it as a burden.No matter how much interested you are in medicine,you eventually start having an urge for some rest and relaxation at one point.

5-You get a permanent label.If you are a theeta, Try getting on the stage and ask the class your name.Hardly 30-40% of the class will know your real name,the rest will just call you what I don’t need to mention.You’re a sensible human being, Figure it out yourself.

Whether to become a theeta in medical school or not,you decide!

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