SPWS update, April 2016~ What we've accomplished so far.

As the year continues, after our massive success at Lights of Hope and Live Screening -made possible only by your efforts and continued support for us- we stay true to our motto "Service to man, is service to God" and humbly do all in our power to facilitate the ailing humanity that seeks us out as the answer to their prayers.

SPWS has so far managed to donate PKR 2,50,000 to west surgical ward for additional beds for the patients due to previous shortages in this regard, under the capable guidance of Dr Ayesha Shaukat. And not only this, we've been able to be donate the proceeds from the match screening for purchase of six cardiac monitors by said unit as well with the exceptional assistance of Dr Ghazanfar Ali, in the hopes that generations of patients to come might benefit from our services.

Newly installed cardiac monitors in West Surgical ward

We hope to continue with our mission of enabling better patient healthcare and treatment, with the best facilities modern technology has to offer as well as turn the compassion and empathy of our students into a practical manifestation. Continue to enable us with your enthusiasm and faith in the honesty, dedication and capability of our society and we solemnly swear to the best of our abilities, to do right by both you and our patients, InshaAllah.

Newly purchased beds
Refurbishing of the ward.


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