58 thoughts I had while watching GoT S06E03

Spoilers, obviously.
If you haven’t watched the episode yet
a)   Wow, you’re too slow
b)  You shouldn’t be reading this


You have been warned. Twice.

Okay, so now that we are past that HOW AWESOME WAS THE LAST EPISODE?! So much happened!

Here are the 58 thoughts I (and hopefully, most of you) had while watching this episode:



2.       We know you can’t believe this, Melisandre but we always had faith in you!

3.       This…

4.        What Star Plus has been doing for ages

5.       Bro hugs. Aw.
6.       Don’t show us his vomit. Don’t.
7.       This reminds me of Princess Shireen.

8.       Oh, come on!

9.       So we will be seeing Horn Hill soon.

11.   Wow. Ser Arthur Dayne is GOOD

12.   COOL

13.   Each one of us right now. Although I think it’d be better if they left this for the last episodes.

14.   I have never been more excited for History lessons.

15.   A guy who’s waited for you for a thousand years…creepy af


17.   Welcome to Vaes Dothrak!

18.   Nooooo, take her to Westeros. Damn it ;-;

19.   I can’t wait for Drogon’s next visit. (It is known)
20.   So glad he is working for Daenerys now.

21.   I like how he says ‘Patrol’ lol

22.   OMG TYRION!!!!!

23.   Tyrion’s game reminds me of the time he played it with Shae and Bronn. That was a really long time ago.
24.   Way to go, Varys!


25.   “Men can be fickle but birds I always trust” these dialogues. God.
26.   Little birds are actually"little"..why did I never think of that
27.   They don’t even ask for money.

28.   All of us in front of The Mountain.

29.   Haha, I love this scene!

Jaime's face lmao

30.   Cersei is back with an even colder heart. I didn’t even know if it was possible.
31.   Tsk Tsk. Looks like Pycelle won’t be dying a natural death after all.
32.   Hahaha..ha..ha

33.   Lol Burn


34.   Kind of a relief that they are not talking about killing any more Starks..

35.   Tommen. 

Remember what Lord Tywin Lannister said?

36.   Ever wonder what Joffery would have done to this place by now?

37.   Wuss

38.   Coward (Wow, what has this show done to me, lol)

39.   so many feels..

40.   I almost miss The Hound. So many people dead..

41.   Looks like she is ready to kill

42.   Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay (that change in the background music)

43.   KNEW IT

44.   No. You are Arya Stark. Kill Walder Frey. And all the others on your list

45.   We should all salute Lord Umber for his bravery. I just hope he doesn’t get murdered for being so sassy.
46.   God, I love this.

47.   Please don’t be Rickon. Please.

48.   I am sure you would like Melisandre

49.   Our boy’s all grown up.

50.   You had one job, Osha. ONE JOB!


52.   You can’t even spare Sean Bean’s family dogs *cries a river*

53.  Iwan Rheon’ s acting is flawless.

54.   …………no. Rickon doesn’t even know what he’s gotten himself into.
That smile on his face..

55.   Damn you, Olly. No regret on your face.
He is lucky he betrayed Jon and not Ramsay

56.   Just do it. Cut the rope already.
57.   I was hoping he’d die a more horrible death. (LOVE THE BACKGROUND MUSIC)
He trusted you, you little sh*t

58.   THANK YOU. We have all been waiting for this moment! He can finally leave Castle Black!


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