Champions of the Constellasians Debating Championship 2016

Ladies and Gentlemen, here's the champions' tale yet again.
We are extremely proud to announce another milestone achieved by KEDS. 
KEDS could not have ended the debating season at a higher note.
- Ahmed Rafay Afzal won 1st position in English Declamation with his immaculate humorous speech. He was also declared the Best speaker in English Category of the tournament in CMH Parliamentary debates (Never has a speaker had both the privileges simultaneously in KEDS history). *RECORD*
- Our very own Khawaja Hassan Akhtar stole the show by winning the award of 2nd Best speaker in Urdu Category with his (as usual) powerful Urdu serious speech and got an exemplary applause by the audience. ^_^
- Both the Vice Presidents were successful in winning the Declamation Team Trophy at CMH All Pakistan Declamation Competition 2016.
- Moreover, our very own veteran speaker Maryam Fatima has made us proud by winning the award of 3rd Best Speaker (English) of the Tournament mashaAllah.
- Last but not the least, King Edward Debating Society was entitled as the Champions of the tournament by yet another trophy for Both Declamation and Parliamentary Debates, together... yes they call it "The Champions Trophy 2016"

We warmly congratulate Maryam Fatima, Hamza Shahab and Rafay Afzal for putting up a remarkable show of arguments in Quarter-Finals of CMH Parliamentary Debates; especially a wonderful effort put up by Abyaz, Hareem and Ayesha Javed who missed the break in quarters by a narrow margin. 
Furthermore, a big round of applause for Aimen Mansoor and Muhammad Sameel for making their remarkable debut declamation speeches in Urdu and English categories, respectively.
Apparently, with this being the last competition of the debating season before Ramzan, we are overflowing with pride Alhumdulillah. King Edward Debating Society holds the privilege of making its mark in almost all the coveted competitions 2016 has had till date all over Pakistan. KEDS is determined to continue the winning streak after Ramzan inshaAllah. :)


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