How to avoid 'Summer Slumbers'


HOLIDAYS! Finally. Yayyyeee. After a few hours of dancing around on the news of holidays that arrived early this year by some miracle, I finally realized that I had nothing to do. Literally. With the module test off my back (for good), it dawned on me that I had absolutely no plans as to how I should spend my summer. Some of you might be thinking, 'Who needs plans anyway? All you have to do is sulk in the heat and watch the time slowly dragging by.' But it doesn't have to be that way, dear readers. There are a million simple things that you can do in summers to raise your intellectual level, boost your fitness and health, a little bit work on your grades and have actual fun while doing all that. I mean a day is wasted if you are not learning something new or putting your energies to constructive use. Right?

1. Stash them course books away (for a while at least):

We are so preoccupied with studying throughout the year that thinking about things outside university virtually sounds alien especially to the hostelites. Even when we are not studying we are thinking about studying. Even when we are not thinking about studying, the thought is still languishing at some dark corner of our mind. And at one of those moments, when we are completely carefree, there is always that one friend who just can't see us happy and has to destroy everything. So put away your course books for a few days at least and think about how life works for normal people.


2.  Exercise. You need it. No kidding:

Gentlemen! Now is probably the time you should consider hitting the gym. If you can't go to gym for some reason you can look up fairly promising routines on the internet and try them at home. Studying will probably get you through university but health will get you through life. Ladies! Same goes for us. There are really simple and rewarding exercises that you can do at home. Maybe I will write something separate on this alone. Later.


3.  Watch TV Shows (for real):

No. I am not talking about Mann Mayal. Definitely not. What is the fun in watching a spineless man with a messed up head trying to act all noble. You might disagree with me on this. No problem. I am talking more like House, Suits, House of cards, Flash, Dexter etc. Seasons from which you can actually learn something about your profession and also other professions. You never know when a trivial thing might come in handy.


4. Play games ( Not on people):

These maybe outdoor games like badminton, cricket, football etc or indoor games like table tennis. I personally would prefer video games. As bad as moms make it to be, video games are awesome. No kidding. They do miracles to your reflexes, train your mind to devise strategies and tame you over time to react less viciously to every time you lose. Plus there is this added benefit of a thing called fun. Don't overdo it though. Pitfall, metal slug, tomb raider, COD, GTA, NFS, DOTA... whatever. Take your pick.


5. Read something you have never read before:

Read books on politics, religion,  myth, autobiography, whatever it is that keeps you interested. For those of you who do not like reading, I would humbly request you to give it a try. I am sure you just haven't had the pleasure of being introduced to the right book. You see, books are beautiful. They give you experience without actually having to go through the pain yourself, they give you imagination, they spark thoughts in your brain.


6. Kitchen awaits you my friend (Not only talking to the girls):

Experiment with flavors. It is like cooking up a potion. You can do anything when it comes to food and the experience is actually very rewarding. For those of you who are planning to study abroad , consider it a practice. Remember! A skill however small it may look, might save you a lot of distress at some point in your life.


7. Learn to drive (if you haven't already):

Here is another skill that will help you throughout life. If you are scared there is no need to be. Things work out if you believe in yourself. Driving is nothing but a game of concentration, nerves and belief. The adrenaline surge will be totally worth it. I promise.  


8. Make up to yourself (as platitudinous as it sounds):

Think about what you want to do with your life instead of blindly following where time leads you. Think about your past, present and future. Think about the fact that is this the person you wanted to be? What would help you improve your character, personality, attitude, life? The strongest person of us all is he who realizes his weaknesses, is not afraid to admit them and is always looking for room for improvement. Work on your relationship with your family. Call up old friends. Anything that brings you peace.


I hope you have found something useful in my list of things. Thank you for reading. Have a pleasant day :)


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