Koi to rok lo: Reliving those 'unstoppable' moments.

-Unsa Athar

"Stage, pen and podium are three ways to attract attention, highlight social issues and educate people about things they overlook on daily basis. KDS has been a passion for me since the very beginning.
Five years here, acted in four different plays, wrote two of them, directed one of them. 40 days each year and memories for a lifetime. Contrary to other societies, it takes us months of practice and just one day to deliver it all and still we leave our mark in style ('cause #ThugLife :P).
We are not a society, we're a family- the KDS Family. KDS without a doubt is the most vibrant and dynamic society here at KEMU. I feel proud to have served it for five years and am thankful to it for having embraced me and showering me with such respect and recognition.
Finally, I hope I have added another master-piece to the long list of block-busters KDS has produced over years. I thank you all for flooding our feedback with such amazing notes and making it a huge success for me and my team.
KDS for life!"
-Secretary KDS'16
Qudrat Ullah

For quite a number of times, KDS Annual play review is done by the spectators. And yes, audience is of course the best judge of a performance. To review the response this year’s play received, screenshots from Facebook are sufficient. So to convert this year’s play into words, I have decided to give you guys an insider’s view. I want you to know how much our plays mean to us and how close they are to our hearts. In between my musings in this blog, you’ll be reading words from the final year cabinet, the people who gave KEMU one of the best plays in the history of KDS.

KDS’16 started off with its auditions on 22nd March 2016. The mention-able thing here is the overwhelming response from freshmen. Such a talented class, teeming with enthusiastic people. Bachu, you guys are the future of KDS and Wallah it is bright :3

During the rehearsal, we see each role develop and grow. We feel one with each character, not just the actors, the backstage team members as well. We know each character’s dialogues by heart and still we laugh at them every single time.
The scolding on being late, the food you get each day, the impromptu jokes, the ‘s*** is getting serious’ moods when the final day is near, the sweat and the lights and noise of full dress rehearsal night . KDS can be described simply in two words ‘”ADRENALINE RUSH”

Talking about KDS’16, this year’s short play Masjood e Malaik won a standing ovation!!

A tribute to Abdul Sattar Eidhi, it displayed his passion for God’s creatures through a series of scenes which unfolded his life beautifully. Syeda Shabab Mujtaba did a tremendous job with the direction and the dialogues along with Zahra Habib. Except for Zahra baji from final year, all the actors were juniors from first and second year and they ruled the stage like it was their second home! :O

Shaharyar and Sameel, your acting gave me goosebumps every single time!!

"We all long for a dream place where we can live many dreams; KDS is one such haven. Its a common venture of art we all looked forward to right from the start of every academic session. We even molded our life schedules for the sake of KDS. The opening of the curtains would open doors to a new world for me. Words can't do justice to my love for KDS but the name, the fame, the fun, the pressure; KDS is unique and unmatchable. It saddens me to see myself leaving a stage where I have performed for 5 consecutive years and where Kemcolians have given me so much love and respect. KDS will always be a family very close to my heart. In the end, its all about how gracefully you leave your place for the extremely talented new comers to take over. The show must go on...

Thank you my legendary seniors, thank you my lovely juniors and thank you KDS. Syed couldn't have been Syed without you all..."


This year’s long ‘KOI TO ROK LO’ was applauded and appreciated by teachers and students alike. The number of texts I received saying ‘Best one so far’ proves this year’s teams talent amplified by hard work.
I can’t pick a favourite moment from this play, there were so many.  Each scene had its own high points and its on charm. The script was no doubt well written but our actors took it to the ‘next level’ :D
(For those who didn’t attend the play, well firstly what the what man! Who misses KDS :P
Secondly, KOI TO ROK LO is a story of a MNA and his secretary who embark together on a journey towards a better future but land in court because of corruption charges)
PINKY: played by Kaneez Zainab. one of my favourites. The confidence with which she opened the scene, her dialogue delivery, her cute expressions, perfecto!!

NAZAKAT: Awab Hussain, job well done. Being a freshmen and still being fearless enough to play a bold role so smoothly and flawlessly, hats off!

MITHU: Hassan Ali, dude, there would have been no play without you. I don’t know if you know this or not, but most of us were relying on your vibe to ease the stress. ‘Hassan is on the stage now, nothing can go wrong.’ I have seen you mature as an actor, and I may be biased in saying this but you were the spine of this play!

MNA SAHAB: Well, Talha Tarar’s acting skills need no praise. He knows how to completely get absorbed in his role. The whole story revolved around him and he certainly did justice to that responsibility.

"It is the nature of human beings that after a while he gets bored with  everything he does, but there are certain things in life that a person wants to do again and again: things that give him reasons to explore himself, to love himself, to strengthen himself.
There are things that give him moments that he wants to relive and memories which are unforgettable.
KDS to me is not merely a society; it is like a passion which drives me. It's a place where I have explored myself.
It's a platform which has given me the confidence and respect that has highlighted my university life. It's the reason why I am Fazila Gondal.
Kds is the family who owns you and will always give you the respect and love that you can't get anywhere else.
Pichly 5 sal mein my whole year revolved around KDS aur annual play. We work extremely hard  for 40 days but the feeling when your pehla step is on the stage and people hoot for you is priceless and unexplainable!
I am going to miss that feeling so much.
And my last lines on the stage of KDS literally made me cry.
"Ja rahi hun mein hamesha k liye ab dobara kabgi yahan wapis nahi aaon gi."
What a thing to lose from life!"

FOREIGNER AND BODY GUARD: Noor us Sabah and Saad Masud, you guys have quite the fan following ;) Getting quite a response from the audience and still standing confidently on the stage totally absorbed in the role shows that you are going to be the stars of KDS in the near future.

BEGUM: well, it was my role and I really don’t feel like bragging :P All I can say is I enjoyed a lot in this role. There is nothing an actor enjoys more than the freedom to go creative in the role and this role gave me the freedom. Thank you Qudrat bhai for trusting me J

MANAGER: Abdul Rafay, I say it without any doubt in my mind that no one could have done that role better than you. Body language, dialogue delivery, making sure people feel your presence on stage, amazing job. One of my favourite characters!

WAITER: hey Paapicholo, Shajee ud Din, again the same words for you. No one could have done it better. Your hard work to make your role perfect is quite appreciable. (KDS has a Ayesha Sana jitna bright  future)

1 word: BEST.
Whenever someone asked her about her role, she said : “larki bn rahi hu”
You did justice to the role baji. Like you always do. Ye ada ye naz ye andaza aapka..! :*
It is very hard for me to accept that I wont find you with me on stage next year for the pre-performance hug L

Syed Ahmad Raza. Isn’t this name itself self-explanatory? Words fall short Bhai, I don’t know what to say. Your dialogue delivery, your body language was so perfect that it was so difficult for me to control my giggling on stage. Especially “I thought you were different” and the jelly dance on “Chapa pey gya, Chapa pey gya” made me snort with giggles on stage every single time!!

BHAI: Abuzar, perfect, perfect. Fazila baji tou darti hi thien aap sei, me b dar jati thi qasam sei :P
INSPECTOR: Qudrat Ullah. Bhai aa gye o te chaa gye o, thaa kr k!
“Mah Stage, Ma Rulez. Thug Life”
You owned it bro!

"I cant fully express my feelings about KDS. Roz shaam mein bhagam bhag jana,ja kur itny achay juniors se chaye mangwa k pina,reherseals karna aur auditorium mein bethna chahy kabhi kabhar akely hi beth jana, BOHAT MAZA ATA THA :') I learnt a lot of things while spending time there.

mene apna her role bohat ziada dil laga kur kia .I wish k kabhi pagal ka role bhi karti :-) acting karty hue best time mjhy woh lagta tha jub stage pe pehli appearance hoti thi,spotlight parti thi aur aik dam shor hota tha.I will miss that moment always! KDS,abhi na jao chor k :') :')"

TYPIST: Humza Gill. Boy, you proved your versatility. You were the perfect spice for the last scene. And one of my favourite as well.

JUDGE: Ahmed Abdullah, You did justice to the role and the scene ;) “Hisaab chukaya” qasam sei :P Audience k b 400 poorey kiye :P  Proud of you.

SALMA BAIG: Suneela baji, you are perfection incarnate. I have never seen anyone being more concerned about their role than you are. Getting your own costume ready, directing your own self, adding variability to your roles, you are a true actress through and through. KDS will miss such a talent.
oh and hats off ma'am on making such amazing backdrops!!

MUMTAZ ADVOCATE: Ahmed Rafay Afzal, larkey, kesey krletey ho!! Seriously, hats off. You were the most loved character by the audience. And only you had the talent to execute this character flawlessly.

KDS... its not just a society..its been a part of my life at KE... everybody here at KDS is dear to me and I will always miss these people and the 40 days trial of kds which we had to deal with for five years still it had it's own charms :)

The moral of the story was to be your own Maseehah. No one can stop the deterioration of our country if we don’t realize our own responsibility and take a stand ourselves.

There are so many names that I want to take. All the backstage

teams. Every Senior ,class mate and junior. Thank you guys!! It is

because of the backstage crew members that the actors feel

confident enough to appear and act on stage. KDS is 20% acting

and 80% backstage work.  Sania Mumtaz,

Tayyaba Fatima, Ifrah Mumtaz, Huma Mirza, Amna Riaz, Thank

you Bajiz for handling everything. Aqsa Mumtaz, Nimra Ramzan,

Tooba Ayub, Zenab Farooq, Izza Arshad, Namra Mehmood,

Grace Zhang. Thank you for being there always. All the juniors,

Haris, Moaz Sameel, Shumayel,  Muneeb, Khawaja, Mustafeez,

Hesham, Arsalan, Awaiz, Kainat, Marriyam, Sumbal, Mubashira,

Alifa, Shazmeena,

Memoona, Faiza, Maliha, Filza, Javeria,  Maham, Ayesha, Laraib,

Hamna Thank you people!!

(drop in a text

if I missed your name :p)

Special thanks to Hamza Aftab Bhai and Taha Masud Bhai for

shooting those amazing videos.

Thank you Ramish and Ali Shahid for all the background music and

editing which is as important as oxygen :D

Two names that need a separate applause, SHAMAS FAROOQ

AND HAFIZ ZAIGHUM. You guys worked almost as much as the

secretary (his words :D )

The play wouldn't have been possible without you.

Lastly, my dear final year, consider this a token of love and gratitude from my side. I will always be indebted to you for you guys taught me so much. From acting to every day medlife, From how to be a senior to how to act like a child, I owe you guys. Lots of prayers from my side. May Allah make matters easy for you and bless you in every aspect of life. Ameen!
Also, Thank you Sir Asad Aslam And Sir Izhar for your guidance ands support!


KDS Annual play for the last 5 years is nothing without Syed Ahmad Raza’s dance performance. I do not know how will fill this gap the next year. I do not need to say a word about his performance. You should witness the awesomeness yourself:


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