Nagpur International MUN 2016

KEDS goes international once again :D

We don't excel only in declamation and parliamentary debates, but also happen to outshine in MUNs. ^_^

Here's to another success story written by Tabish Javaid and Muhammad Salik at Nagpur MUN, India.

Our very own Muhammad Salik remained the Best Delegate from Pakistan throughout and clinched the award of 2nd Best Delegate (High Commendation) overall. There were about 600 delegates in the MUN and Salik outclassed all by his impeccable diplomacy skills.
The committee had a single resolution, which Salik co- authored. His idea was to make a joint security council between India and Pakistan to combat terrorism in South Asia. He was also awarded with a shield, 2000 INR prize money and a worthy certificate for his outstanding performance.

The next person needs no introduction in the genre of MUNs. Mr. Tabish Javaid had already won the award of Best Delegate overall last year at Nagpur MUN 2015, writing his name in the history as the pioneer of International MUN-ing in KEDS. This year he has taken this to another level MashaAllah. He was invited this year to Chair the esteemed event. Tabish and Devang were the 2 chairs from Pakistan and India, respectively while Mayank was also there from India.

We congratulate both of them for making us hold our head high with pride at Nagpur MUN for two consecutive years. :') And pray they keep winning like this in the future as well :)


- Syed Ahmad Raza


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