By Hira Yaqub
Eid e Qurban; The Sunnah of Prophet Ibrahim (A.S.)... But how can we follow it correctly?

We know Allah loves us and wants us to give something in His way. But we are neither Prophet Ibrahim (A.S. ) nor are we Prophet Ismail ( A.S.) who motivated his father and was ready to embrace death.

 So what does Allah want from us; meat ,money? Is the money or meat we give away equal to sacrificing our son? He wants us to sacrifice our beloved thing just as a son is to his father.

Their meat will not reach Allah , nor will their blood, but what reaches Him is piety from you. Thus have We subjected them to you that you may glorify Allah for that [to] which He has guided you; and give good tidings to the doers of good.
Al-Hajj, Ayat-37
He wants us to sacrifice our EGO which is one of the most cherished feelings we as humans have.

He wants us to break the walls of pride and superiority creating hindrance between the rich and the poor. We cannot just satisfy our conscience by giving them our left overs and "utran" and keeping them at an arm's length.

           And when it is said to them: "Spend of that with which Allah has provided you," those who disbelieve say to those who believe: "Shall we feed those whom, if Allah willed, He (Himself) would have fed? You are only in a plain error."
Yaseen ayat 47

He wants us to overcome our laziness and self-centeredness whenever we prefer it over working for people's cause.

And this religious event is not about just one day: it's the day of reviving the real spirit of this Eid and making plans of working on this line for the whole year. May Allah enable us all to follow the footsteps of Prophet Ibrahim ( A.S.) in the real sense (Aameen)

P.S. Eid Mubarak to everyone


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