Forensic major viva and ospe 2015

NTERNAL:- exhumation,its documentation,findings(poisoning+bullets etc),adiposr formation,mumification,which features will be preserved in them,what happened to grave in adiposere formation(wet/dry tongue emoticon ),identification of unknown body,

Ahsan Mahmood
Ahsan Mahmood Who is internal examiner?
There is no external?
Kanza Afzal
Kanza Afzal Internal is sir Mudassir(Thanatology). He is taking the Forensic med viva.

External is sir Tajjamul, he is taking the toxi viva.
Sidra Aslam
Sidra Aslam that anatomy wale sir...he was also there...he supported a lot...
Unsa Athar

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Sidra Aslam
Sidra Aslam OSPE:(being the 2nd grp)... (SPOTS) 1.hand saw 2.catlin 3-4.hip bone and mandible(male/female) 5.spectroscope 6.human hair 7.full term foetus radiograph 8.incised wound 9.smoke producing gun powder or pellts(not sure) and uses of instruments r imp....(QUESTIONS) mostly ture false like 1.primary teeth-24 T/F?? 2.define jurh 3.define -ve autopsy 4.can teeth be helpful fr intrauterine age determination 4.benzidine tst is a confirmatory tst fr blood T/F? 5.section fr fractured bone i.e. nt displaced 6.diagnosis of succidal firearm injury 7.composition of smoke producing gun powder .....
Samra Haroon
Samra Haroon Internal : define forensic medicine . Differentiate cadaveric spasm from rigor . Differentiate strangulation and hanging . Examine assailant in rape . Then victim of rape . Dying declaration . Putrefaction . 5 days old putrefaction . How to tell . Dying declaration . What gas produced in putrefaction . H2s
SaRa Batool
SaRa Batool Hurt, shajah,jurh,itlaf e udw , itlaf e salihayt e ude, bruise, laceration , abrassion (detail) hip bone differnces in both sexes ,, autopsy ,,
Sadia Mubashir
Sadia Mubashir Internal: autopsy findings of a drowned dead body,chemical samples sent for analysis in this case,bone marrow sample kese lete aur konsi bones prefer karte, wound characteristics of firearm injury in case of skull, beveling se kese entery exit ka difference pata lagta ,still born and live born feotus ko kese distinguish krte,autopsy findings of a dead born feotus,which method do u use to confirm the death of a full term feotus in the womb of the mother while its still in the womb..(he was not satisfied with the ans that the feotal heart sounds disappear) , preservative used for histopathological examintaion..
Sidra Aslam
Sidra Aslam we asked sir nouman abt it and he said k shayd sir chemical changes sunna chah rhe toxins bt i m nt sure
Sidra Aslam
Sidra Aslam sonicade is advanved instrument fr foetal heart sounds...after ultasound this is done...after being discussed
Sadia Mubashir
Sadia Mubashir Yaar feotal heart sounds k bare mai he said k ye tu pure medicine mai a jata.koi forensic investigatory method btae...
Sadia Mubashir
Sadia Mubashir Haan hu skta haii
Syeda Masooma Bokhari
Syeda Masooma Bokhari which method do u use to confirm the death of a full term feotus in the womb of the mother while its still in the womb.. probably x rays and ultrasonography.. us mein SPAULDING SIGN bataana tha shayad..
Unsa Athar

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Syeda Makhduma
Syeda Makhduma Housemaid's knee
Bettered baby syndrome
Diff b/w budiah n mutallahimah
Which type of weapons cause these .(sharp n blunt)
How deep is budiah .. skin is involved or not..
Kanza Afzal
Kanza Afzal Oye end pe sir ne housemaid's knee b puch lia? xD
Syeda Makhduma
Syeda Makhduma Haan ek yhi cheez baqi re ge thee so unhn ny ye b pooch dala See Translation
Unsa Athar

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Syeda Makhduma
Syeda Makhduma Characteristics of lacerated wound. Lacerated wounds occur in? What are blunt weapons...bomb blast injuries..injuries to suicide bomber..injuries to other persons..voyerism. mosachism sadism diff. findings n specimens collected in a male victim of rape..spaulding's sign
Kanza Afzal
Kanza Afzal Internal + sir ghani: autopsy ki incisons, firearm entry wound complex, cattle trekking phenomenon, muzzle loading and barrel loading.
Law k shajjah jurh n sections pe kafi focus tha sir ka aj.
Awais Raza
Awais Raza autopsy ki saari incisions nra wali ya notes wali bus V , Y , straight and circumferential?
Kanza Afzal
Kanza Afzal nra wali abdomen thorax ki straight, Y, modified Y, cranial, perineal n limbs ki incisions should be sufficient
Awais Raza
Awais Raza what do they mean by docket?
Kanza Afzal
Kanza Afzal Not exactlh sure but it's a part of autopsy protocol, aur copy mai mentioned hai police docket no.
"A brief entry of the court proceedings in a legal case."
^ Definition i find feasible
Unsa Athar

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Kanza Afzal
Kanza Afzal Ospe: beware! 10 stations hain, but at each there is a specimen/model/slide u have to identify plus 2 or 3 more questions! For example spectroscope para hai. a) identify object
b) give its use
c) give charateristics of human rbcs
d) barr bodies are present only in females. True/false?

^and this is only one station. Some may have less questions though. But u have to rush through it!
Zainab Pervaiz
Zainab Pervaiz what are we supposed to do from bio section of the notebook?
Kanza Afzal
Kanza Afzal Yr just go through it. Aj toh koi principle nai pucha wa tha but they may ask anything... For e.g aj true false mai statement thi k Benzidine is confirmatory test for rbcs.
Zainab Pervaiz
Zainab Pervaiz oki thnks smile emoticon
Kanza Afzal
Kanza Afzal Prac related viva kou b nai hua wese
Unsa Athar

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Sarah Arif
Sarah Arif Dying deposition vs dying decl
Wet vs dry drowning
Autopsy types
electrocution autopsy findings
Magnetization vs metallization
Qisas and diyat involves which injuries
Autopsy section
autopsy documents
Sobia Nawaz
Sobia Nawaz Types of autopsy,bumper fracture,spinal cord injury and injuries on face in transport accidents,section of bruise,injuries sustained by driver....
Shahzana Fatima
Shahzana Fatima Magnetization vs metallization
What is badi'ah?
Self-inflicted wounds
Suicidal vs homicidal firearm injuries.
Can you identify whether teeth are of male or female?
Features of self inflicted wounds.
Rabia Ashraf
Rabia Ashraf Can you identify whether teeth are of male / female?
Shahzana Fatima
Shahzana Fatima Yeah that last point in NRA of difference between male and female skull table. The difference between cusps. I am not sure which one of them had 5 cusps and which one had uniform 4 cusps. I gave this answer and sir was happy with it.
Rabia Ashraf
Rabia Ashraf Thanks smile emoticon
Unsa Athar
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Sana Tariq
Sana Tariq Autopsy documents, protocol
Forensic med ki def, sex diferences in all bones from pelvis, sacrum to mandible nd even teeth…
Syeda Masooma Bokhari
Syeda Masooma Bokhari Docket , autopsy protocol , difference between still birth and live birth , criminal abortion , it's types and isqat e hamal ki law main kya punishment hai. Spaulding's sign
Awais Raza
Awais Raza what is docket?
Zainab Ahmed
Zainab Ahmed Police docket no. Aik likhte the practical mein autopsy k.. Lekin ye nai pta kya hota haiSee Translation
Unsa Athar
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Unsa Athar
Unsa Athar Adipocere formation, mummification, pakistan mein konsa medical examination system ( coroner etc meins sei ) exhumated skull k xray ki medicolegal imp
Zainab Ahmed
Zainab Ahmed Turning off notifications from this post for gooddd.. tongue emoticon
Unsa Athar
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Zara Bhutta
Zara Bhutta Types of consent, classification of hurt under Qisas and Diyat Ordinance, diff between Damiah and Badiah. Types of weapons used for these wounds. if there is a fight and a victim comes to you, what will u do in the examination, findings in a make rape victim (findings of sodomy)
Zainab Pervaiz
Zainab Pervaiz Mlc systems, mlc system in pakistan. Blanketd , expressed consent, types of negligence.
Ahmad Toheed
Ahmad Toheed Faisalabad me suicide kese kr sktay?
Diff btween suicidal and homicidal cut throat.
Purest form of axphyxia
Contributory negligence
Civil vs criminal negligence
Best consent in favour of medical practitioner(Expressed)
A incised wound on hand is what under qisas and diyat
Diff btween badiyan and damiyah
What is shajjah khafifah.
Dying deposition/ declaration!
Rooqash Ali
Rooqash Ali fsd main suicide ?
Ahmad Toheed
Ahmad Toheed Methods of suicide... Pcha tha kahan se ho mne btaya to khtay udr kese krte hain grin emoticon
Just for shughal wese ghnta ghar se chlanag lga k b mar sktay hain grin emoticon
See Translation
Unsa Athar

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Ahsan Mahmood
Ahsan Mahmood Lahore men most common method of homicide, accidents types, injuries, whiplash injury, types of injury, laceration comes under which type, diff b/w munaqillah and hashimah, most common weapon type for injuries
Mussab Nadeem
Mussab Nadeem Most common wale dono kia hain???See Translation
Ahsan Mahmood
Ahsan Mahmood Blunt weapon h, first walay ka nae pta
Unsa Athar

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Ali Haider Jafry
Ali Haider Jafry Rail accidents and injuries.
Shajjah and its types.
Whiplash injury.
Coup and contrecoup injury mechanisms and conditions that cause stronger coup than contrecoup injury and vice versa.
What section is applicable to a victim of a brain concussion?
The autopsy findings observed in the brain of a person who was a known epileptic.
Ahmed Rafay Afzal
Ahmed Rafay Afzal Police docket number , autopsy, skeletal data significance, badiah , type of weapon used in badiah , what are the most common injuries received in the Mlc (blunt weapon ones) , difference in wound and injury , bruise classified under what qisas diyat etc . How will you identify skeleton of a klienfelter.(sir seemed satisfied with chomatin analysis , Davidson bodies ) Why are klienfelters infertile can they be fertile , are they sexually potent. What is XYY syndrome (jacobs) which will be more in jails. Contributory negligence . Types of consent . After math of blanket consent .
Expressed consent.
Arsalan Sikandar
Arsalan Sikandar Difference Hashima and Munaqqilah. Objective method of id. Bevelling. Id from skeletal remains. Determination of sex methods. Explain chromosomal method. Barr and Davidson bodies location in cells. Davidson bodies in which WBCs? chromosomal Anomalies? Explain XXY, XYY. Medicolegal importance of XYY.
AB Rafay
AB Rafay I was the 2nd student to give viva. All questions were repeated from yesterday and the day before yesterday questions.
Asad Ur Rehman
Asad Ur Rehman How to find age by teeth?what is maceration? What is superimposed radiograph?spaulding sign and how to test it?
Asad Ur Rehman
Asad Ur Rehman Spots:def:oto erotic asphyxia,defloration,
Davidson present in male T/F
Cyanosis is specific to asphyxia(?) T/F
bore of shotgun?
Hassan Saeed
Hassan Saeed PMDC Members ? Stages of putrifaction ? Entamology ? Flies ? Maggots ? What information can be inferred by maggot infestation ? Lice ? Putrifaction aur maceration main farak ? Dead body main time since death kaisae calculate krsktae ? Changes after 24 hours ? Information from teeth ? DNA kahan sae laetae teeth ka ? Dental pulp kya hota ? Changes in eye after death ? Changes in blood ? Intrauterine age determination ? Rigor mortis ki stages and their times ?
Hamid Ali
Hamid Ali Docket, FIR, Medicolegal Exam, Consent, Res Ipsa Loquitan
Awais Raza
Awais Raza Battered baby syndrome. Why in males.
Cot death.
Personal ID from teeth to bones to radiography; almost everything.
Bilal Mazhar Chaudhry
Bilal Mazhar Chaudhry Nothing new except subhepatic temperature and which thermometer is used.
Hussain Khalid
Hussain Khalid He asked Sir Ghani k aap swal kren. Electrocution. Metallization. Kese nzr ae gi. SEM. Scanning electron microscope. Magnetization. Ek bnde ne live wire pkr li a cureent q nai para. Ap ko zyada current pare ga ya kisi mazdoor ko. Current resistor ko cross kr skta a koi example. AC DC. Ghar me konsa ata a. Resuscitation me konsa current ota. Lightning AC ya DC. Damaging zyada konsa ota a. I remember DC from fSc or matric i suppose. He said dC se mrte ote to resuscitate q krte. Body current. Uses. ECG EEG. I got a bit tensed. They said mushkil sawal en nunber b den ge ache. Then asked mutalahimah.
A question jo repeat ho ra tha. Someone punched you which ruptured spleen what section imposed. Its 337L2 that's what sir told me.
AB Rafay
AB Rafay Btw start wali convo b likhta na jo sir ne tje comments die the tongue emoticon
Hussain Khalid
Hussain Khalid Haha. Still no connection in that and electricity.
AB Rafay
AB Rafay Beta usi ka to connection a sara. Bijli gira di thi tu ne un pr . So unho ne sare sawal bijli se puche See Translation
Unsa Athar
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Hamid Ali
Hamid Ali Ospe today: Self Inflicted Incised Wounds Smoke blackening and powder tattooing upto 2 yards T/F?
UV Lamp, use
Sacrum, male or female? Two reasons for your choice?
Skull coronet, polyester fibre slide, what is medullary index?
Sex chromosome in hair bulb T/F?
Mandible, male or female? Two reasons for choice?
Takayama test slide
Metallic base of cartridge/Wad? :S
Firearm entry wound in skull (Bevelling inwards)
Jurh, Shaja e Ammah definitions
Value of benzidine/phenophthaline test
Fill in the blanks like Stab wound has greater _____ but less _____... (Depth and length)
Junaid Anwar
Junaid Anwar Bruise in law. Protocol of examination of Lacerated wound. Major change 1 weak after death(infestation). Flies responsible for Infestation other than housefly. How to determine bore of shotgun. Collar of abrasion. Others were repeat.
Manaqibb Zain Ali Khan
Manaqibb Zain Ali Khan Color changes time of injury of abraision bruise laceration.
How will you observe color changes in black men( sun light is the answer) how will you obtain fresh semen sample. (Aspiration, stimulation{prostatic or otherwise})
Badihah aur mutalahima differences blanket consent
PMDC structure.
Vaginal swabs.
Female rape victim examination
Manaqibb Zain Ali Khan
Manaqibb Zain Ali Khan Spotting: spiral fractures of shaft of femur, mandible, human hair. Homicidal cut throat. Entry wound bullet. Coronet. Bone cutter. Spectroscope. Camel rbcs. Spine saw.
Mlc systems
Rao Jahanzaib
Rao Jahanzaib viva.police docket.autopsy documents.diagnosis of brain concussion.unusual thing in spots.>catamite.mandible male or female......
Awais Sharif
Awais Sharif Age of abrasion and bruise..postmortem changes..examination of rape will you obtain fresh semen sample..types of consent..causes of badhiya..medicolegal importance of abrasion and hair..samples taken for sodomy..protocol of medicolegal examination
Muhammad Shehryar Khan
Muhammad Shehryar Khan Medicolegal Importance of Sexual assault of 7 year old girl , Consent kon day ga is case mai ? Cot baby syndrome . baki Questions repeat.
Most of spots and True/false questions in OSPE are ones which have been already mentioned above.
Khawar Sana
Khawar Sana Spots

1) haemochromagen slide
2) mandible
3) firearm injury
4) caitlin
5) skull X-ray
6) metallic base
7) polyester slide
8) self inflicted wound
9) UV lamp
10) sacrum


Benzidine and phenolphthalein tests significance lie in ______.

Benzidine and phenolphthalein tests significance lie in negativity (T/F).

Male or female mandible?

Two identification points of mandible.

Define Jurh.

Metallic base is used in what weapon.

Types of autopsies.

Use of UV lamp.

Male or female sacrum?

Two identification points of sacrum.

Subpubic angle in males is U (T/F).

Define Ammah.
Rabia Ashraf
Rabia Ashraf How to identify male and female mandible?

Answer of 2nd question?
Unsa Athar
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Khawar Sana
Khawar Sana Viva:
Whats Exhumation?
Sacral index se kia pta chle ga?
Cranial index se kia pta chle ga?

Thanks to arrival of his tea time. That was all my viva voce.
Khawar Abbas
Khawar Abbas Viva: Same Questions
Munaqillah main weapon type konsa use hota (blunt and sharp)
Wound and injury ki medicolegal significance main difference
Abrasion ki medicolegal significance
Diminished Responsibility
Khawaja Hassan Akhtar
Khawaja Hassan Akhtar Difference between rape and zina bil jabar ( zina bil jabar is definition by hadood ordinance section 6 and and male can be a victim or an assailant and vice versa and rape is definition by women protection act and a woman can't be an assailant - sir seemed to be satisfied with this answer )
Specimen collected except for poisoning in a case of exhumatiom of a body buried two year before and can we know that person died because of drowning ? Section of rape, sectionof autopsy, Difference bw findings on an assailant of rape and sodomy
Putrefactive changes in a body on day 3, day 5, day 7, day 12 and day 14!
Adipocere formation in a dead body of 72 days and then in a body of 90 days. Difference between implied and blanket consent, diff between ammah and mutalahimmah..
Muhammad Hazqeel Kazmi
Muhammad Hazqeel Kazmi Viva
How will u determine the age of person , external findings for the age determination , difference between wound , injury nd hurt , difference between blanket concent nd implicit concent , which concent is mostly taken in mayo hospital , wat are colour changes in the bruise with time , how many swabs will u take of a rape victim ,
Sheikh Usman
Sheikh Usman personal identity methods. roll no slip is which method ( objective )
electrolyte disturbance in sea water drowning
strangulation and hanging difference
Mussab Nadeem
Mussab Nadeem Heat stroke, blunt weapon injuries and qisas and diyat, cat bite classify. Bruise and hypostasis
Rabia Ashraf
Rabia Ashraf Cat bite classify?
Unsa Athar

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Rooqash Ali
Rooqash Ali P/M bullae and wet burn scald differences
Cot death
P/M finding in smothering ,strangulation,gagging

1 Hen RBCs ID point, confirmation tests of blood, fetal Hb remains upto 6 months (true/false)
2 Human Hair, sperm confirmation test , medullary index in humans is ______ than animals
3 Spectroscope ,it's use cutis anserina in drowning is diagnostic (true/false)
4 female pelvis,ID points
5 radiograph age from carpal bones. autoeurotic asphyxia
Rule is ( add 1yr into no of carpal bones seen in radiograph from 2 to 6 yrs)
6 smokeless gun powder, powder composition
7 scalds , typical drowning , singeing in wet drowning (T/F)
8 bullet , in which weapon it is used, bore in shotgun
9 entry wound close contact , findings , bevelling in inner table in
10 rectal thermometer it's use

According to sir,wads/ cartridge base is labelled correctly in senior slides !
ZeeShan Akram
ZeeShan Akram dog bite which type of injury under qisas and diyat act,
age from greying of head,axillary,chest and pubic hair,
age from skeletal data ,
changes after 24 hrs in dead body, circumcision of underage child without consent of his parents or guardians will be what consent
Waleed Asghar
Waleed Asghar Autopsy defintn
Types of autopsy with relevant authorities
Autopsy index
Pakistan main kon c autopsy hoti
Victim of sodomy
Specimens smile emoticon
Zamad Gillani
Zamad Gillani OSPE :
-animal hair ,ID points , locard principle , can hair be used for blood grouping ? If yes then How ?
-female mandible ( desi tip : female mandible has 2 written on it male has 1 on it . Female sacrum is dark in colour male is totally white ) Id points , qatal types
- multiple lacerated wounds on head
-sperm slide , ID points enzymatic tests of sperms ( AP , LDH )
-spine cutter , use
-radiograph of fully fused head of femur and trochanter , age from it , ( NOTE : there is only ONE rest table usually the other one has RADIOGRAPH on it and the view box is placed high above eye level so dont confuse it with rest table )
-part of hand grenade , can distance be measured from pellet spread
-male sacrum , id points , ossification centre present at birth
-shot gun cartridge , def of bore of Rifled gun , fracture of limb is under which hurt , entry wound is "inverted " exit is everted .
-electric burn , causative factor

Tibia k shru sey end tak sub kuch , cranial index , ossifications ages etc ... Sir takes very variable viva from each student asks a lot of questions so even if u drop some there is no need to worry . Sections , sexual assaults , bones , putrifaction , firearms , drowning . The viva goes in the direction in which u answer your first question.
Fabia Fayyaz
Fabia Fayyaz Ospe
1. Male femur
Sex determination
2. Hip bone sex determination
3. Hen rbcs with 2 points of I'd
4. View box
its use
Wad injury valid up to?
5. Putrifaction model
6. Brain knife
Its use
What is poroscopy?
7. X ray complete fusion of humerus and radius ulna
Determine age
8. Slugs of air gun
Question Casper dictum
9. Hemochromogen slide
With points of id
What is uranism?
10. Multiple incised wounds
Fabia Fayyaz
Fabia Fayyaz Viva :
Jurh chair jaifah?
Mutalimah and badiah?
Is it blunt injury or sharp ?
How to identify injury at base of skull?
Difference between bruise and wound?
What comes under 337 L2 and 337 L1?
Local findings of criminal abortion.
Autopsy protocol.
Autopsy documents
Ezza Wasim
Ezza Wasim Viva:
Show me ur roll no slip..which type of method of ID it is?
Types of laceration.
Steps of rape examination. Samples to be taken.
Isqat e haml define. Under which section? Punishments for both isqat e haml and janin.
Shajjah. Budihah.
Virtual autopsy.
Fatima Sajid
Fatima Sajid Hurt in qisas and dayat. Shajjah . Jurh. Mudiah . Ghair jaifah. Weapon used. ML significance of diatoms . Which drowning. Wet and dry . Electrolyte imbalance in sea water . Death faster in which . Road traffic accident effect on driver passenger . Injury to foot.wffect on brain . Concussion.coup countre coup. laceration types. Femur difference btween male female. Can race be figured throughit .
Fatima Sajid
Fatima Sajid Femur . Sex . Features
Hipbone sex
Radiograph elbow joint fusion
Self inflicted incised wound .
Slugs of airgun.
Takayama crystals. features
View box
Brain knife use

Casper dictum .
Mannerof death
Qatl types
Sacral index
Y chromosome ____ dye
30% burn 377L2 t/f
Wads upto ____ distance
Rabia Ashraf
Rabia Ashraf 30% burn under L2?
Fatima Sajid
Fatima Sajid Not sure . Some did true some did false. I think its false . It should come under L1
Unsa Athar

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Izza Bazigh
Izza Bazigh V.short.
Sternum.. M/L imp
Hyoid .. M/L imp
Can femur be used to determine race? (i said no)
Hnia Usman
Hnia Usman Dactylography, Methods of Personal Identification, How can the eye be used for Personal Identification? How long after zina can semen be detected? Zina and Zina bil Jabr. Their punishments, Muhsin. Swabs in case of Zina. Polygraph.
Difference between badiah and Mutalahimah. And difference between hashimah and mudihah,
HaDiqa JaFri
HaDiqa JaFri Injuries undr qisas nd diyat ordinance shajjah mudiah. exposure of bone in leg injury in which sec.isqat.e.janin its punishment diff bw arsh nd daman vaginal speciman .. sperms ktny din tk znda rhta in female tract


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