#onelasttime . Batch 16 (nearly /hopefully ) signing off

By Maryam Ayub
(With Amina Iqbal & Mahpara Asif)
Final year MBBS

Ahh final year. Done and dusted. All the happy parts which we had been waiting since admission here are gone. The sports week . The golden week. The annual dinner. And all that remains between us and the practical life is the part which we had been dreading since admission. THE prof. 
But final year you have been good to us so far. We had a great time with you. In someways it didn't come close to the grandeur we had imagined. The luxury, the class of being the final year. But in other ways you exceeded the expectations. The emotions. The class bonds. The batch bonds. The friends bonds. The pictures of previous classes hadn't shown the the ways a heart could feel. Probably neither will ours. But we tried. We tried by coming on sports days (kids you can't imagine the tragic turnout of final years of our time). We (here and elsewhere we implies my class and doesn't necessarily means I did every single thing ) tried by following themes. We tried by giving a last stunning annual drama . We tried by giving you an incredible film festival. But as far as I know mostly we tried by giving #onelasttime. 

Seriously you can't imagine the things it was used for. It can be as random as a walk or as serious as a wedding (just kidding . My class has been a terrible disappointment so far. Only one official announcement and that too so wholesome. No juice at all) . We used #onelasttime as an excuse to take awkward batch photos. We used it to for putting hundreds of pics (each) of sports week and golden week. We used it to put a whole sarhi and formal collection (otherwise known as annual dinner) on Facebook. We used it to celebrate batch by batch insults on annual dinner ( I can neither admit nor deny ignoring mine as they faced some of worst of all #A1fora(Godknowswhat)reason . (The reason: Luck.  You'll know the importance when you come in final year)

(Amina captured a really great insta-photoseries which proves her very eloquent love for each corner , literally , of KE)

We used the hashtag  for surprisingly not awkward (atleast from pictures ) batch parties. We used it as every single student put THE drone shot on Facebook (mostly as covers). The only sad part was that our blue sports day 2016 (without drone ) seems like an orphan now. We used it more than it was logically possible or responsibly allowed. From  Ward tests to Independence Day (no joke) we used (abused is probably better) it so much that I have no idea how much more can we use it ( we are here for atleast 3,4 months) But I am expecting it on every written, viva, short case, spotting etc. 

Jokes aside , nostalgia is like a sucker punch. Everything feels #onelasttime. Even the new list of Kemcolians (congrats btw) is different. They will never be our juniors. Trust me , we wrote so many sad Facebook posts, Instagram caption, blogs and even poems that it seems that our class is actually considering itself either the last class or the sole guardian of KE history. (I can't deny my rather sizeable contribution to this cause ;) ). But dear juniors, enjoy . Because golden week is after all just a week. And it passes by in the blink of an eye. Appreciate the KE as it is. Not as it was or as it should be. 
Ending with lines from Mahpara Asif's poem. (She writes magic seriously )

Let me take you to a place,
A place that is mother to me.
Through the din and cacophony of this old city,
Amongst crowded shops and blaring sirens,
Do you see those glorious white domes?
Here's my place, I am home 
The worth of these white domes and cooing pigeons 
Is more to me,
Than any of the greatest halls and shrines 
For I have my heart here,
And, I am home


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